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Heart & Soul
Post # 1
Heart and Soul are the 2 elements in our bodies that give us our natural and super natural powers.Our Heart holds the Powers and our Soul controls them,Not our Mind because our Mind is controled by the Soul...If you had no Soul,your Mind wouldn't be able to work at all.

Powers are divided into Elements and Abilities.
Abilities can be physical and non physical,but I think we are more interested in Power,not ruling power but the power to be able to do something a regular mortal couldn't.
Elements of Power are divided into 3 groups:
Regular Elements,Special Elements and Divine Element.

Regular Elements:
Special Elements:
Divine Element:

(Before you say anything Life is an Ability not Power)

Now Light is the most powerful of all.
A.While other Elements are normaly using from 55% or higher to make their powers efficient,The Light uses only 2% of it's total power,that 2% is bigger than all Elements even if they used 100% of their own,even if they somehow manage to hit 110% still they need way more to match 2% of Light.

Neo Element can change your body in any of the 10 000 dimesnions(including this one).
Time Travel check the Elements. Magic =/= Time,Time is far more powerful than Magic and even the physical law says "The stronger you are the more you lift".
You can't interfere into Neo Element with Magic.
A.Check the Elements Neo is more powerful than Magic.

Magic as an Element has it's own elements Fire,Earth,Wind,Earth and on top of that Soul/Spirit.However none of them are powerful enough to create amongst themselves.
Our ancestors might have been able to use more spells at once,combined them,make them more powerful,make them spells that fit the description of the stories.They might have been able to create actual fireballs or create a waterball and make it travel from one hand to another...
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Re: Heart & Soul
Post # 2
Well there is just one thing wrong. No one has a soul unless they can steal the soul of something. Everyone is a soul, everyone has a body.
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Re: Heart & Soul
Post # 3

Actually if you didn't have a Soul your body wouldn't be able to move at all or even live,your Soul is also a life force.

According to your theory if no body has a Soul then how are you going to steal one...

When you are born you are given a Soul,a physical body is like a suit that your Soul wears...But without the Heart the Soul cannot be in a body...The God/Gods you were born to gives you a Soul...
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Re: Heart & Soul
Post # 4
I meant that everyone IS a soul. Everyone has a body, and they are the soul in it.
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