Ego that Dies

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Ego that Dies
Post # 1

I posted this in the coven I joined just a few minutes ago so I'd like to share it and I'd like others to share their definitions of the "ego that which we say dies."

Well let me try to quickly explain my thoughts on the "ego that which we can say dies."

The ego itself is our sense of individuality or being a one from the universe. Those with the ego use the word "I" frequently and surely. It is the oneself not the wholeself.

Now the "Ego Death" is not exactly the ceasing of ego but indominance. You see ego is the dictator of action and speech. Even when ego death occurs the ego will often remain to continue dictating action and speech, but it no longer dictates thought. Ego death is commonly defined as desocialization or as "becoming one with the universe". Ego death is said to occur when the self comes to the inevitable realization that they are part of the whole, not an extension, not a separate piece, but included with nothing or everything.

The desocialization people often perceive is when they feel the ego no longer exists to dictate speech and action. It is said the effects of desocialization via ego death brings you back to the primary instinct or the programmed basic action/speech.

Ego death can be seen a transcendence or enlightenment.

I always felt that the phrase "ego death" and its definition differs between people because I've noted similar practices in paths like shamanism and shintoism, and sometimes even buddhism (becoming a living buddha).

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Re: Ego that Dies
Post # 2

Something I didn't add is the "ego" is seen as a kind of illusion to the self, if this was not already gathered.

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Re: Ego that Dies
Post # 3
To me,
I think to let one's ego die means,that they know the will of the universe is stronger than there own,therefor surrendering they're self to the will of the universe.
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Re: Ego that Dies
Post # 4

I can see how ego death may be looked at like surrendering yourself to the will of the Universe. That's an interestingly simple way of explaining it but at the same time seems add a bit of personification when describing the universe. Now if the universe is like a deity to you, because it is to some people, then I see nothing wrong with going about it in this manner.

That simple description in itself says a lot actually, it also in part appears to reference the humiliation many people associate with ego death.

In all, I really liked your idea there.

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