Hi fellow spell casters

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Hi fellow spell casters
Post # 1
Hi there guys, i am new here on this forum, and well i got a lot of interest in magic so i registered to this place so i guess i should introduce my self.
Ok so, since i am a Gemini/Libra i am pulled on all directions and have an interest for everything, since well.....its know for Gemini and Libras to have multiple independent personality with there own interests and ideas, and finally its time for me to explore my supernatural face.
I was originally inspired in magic by watching the TV series called charmed, and that what made me going on making my own spells.
I am good at making spells since it comes from the hart, and i rime well.
I made only 3 spells so far. I sickness spell for my so called friends at school, a black out spell, to wipe out the power in the town for school to end, and the internet connection spell.
Now the black out and the sickness spell worked the internet spell didn't well at least not yet anyway.
So my question is, do these spells work? And if they work i am only interested in small spells such as influencing my surroundings like telekinesis or weather control. I have no interest what so ever for the spiritual side since i don't want any part of calling to the ghosts or messing with the dead, since i am a pretty religious boy and am connected to the Orthodox church.
So uh, thats it, i am glad on meeting you all. :)
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Re: Hi fellow spell casters
Post # 2
Some spells work others don't. I can see where your knocking out power spell mite not work so well.
Making spells is easy, but it is your will and ability to direct the spell that actually creates its manifestation.
Contrary to your current position, there are not many people on this site that call ghosts or the dead, however some people do practice necromancy.
There are also no real spells for telekinesis or weather change at least not any that can be done by a person as your self that has little to no knoledge of what magick is about.
If you wish to pursue the kind of arts you are seeking, you may want to start off with some beginner magick info and work your way up.
There are many religious people hear that practice the old arts and are of christian faith. I believe they usually call the archangels to help them, however i am not sure if you consider that as involving a ghost or not where you are so new and unformed. Either way, your question is answered and I do hope you take advantage of the information provided on this sight and seek knoledge.
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