birth cards?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> birth cards?

birth cards?
Post # 1
I was talking to a friend of a friend the other night and she referred to her "birth cards" (2 apparently) and said there was a way to find your cards using your birthdate but couldn't remember how. I had never heard of this before. I honestly don't use tarot cards much, I have a couple decks but haven't used them in years. But that made me curious and I was wondering if anyone here knows more about it. Thanks :)
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Re: birth cards?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I have never really heard anything like that before but I do believe I know what she has done.

There is a way to find your birth number by combining the numbers of your birth. Hint: October 24, 1872=10+24+1872=1906 Than 19+6= 25 2+5=7. The birth number is 7 which means something, but if you follow the tarot cards numbers than you will be The Chariot.

A way to get two birth cards is if you get 11 (Which in the birth number is a set number, but you can add it up more.) or when you get a number that is 22 or lower than add them together.

Now this is just a guess of mine so you might want to check on your friend. But even if your birth card is a certain card won't always be your card because everyone changes. But everyone does have a close set personality that can be linked to a Major Arcana Tarot Card for a certain period of their life.
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Re: birth cards?
Post # 3
It's a common Hindu tradition in which a priest(Pundit) makes a "Birth Card" based on the arrangements of the planets on the day you were born. It's a detailed astrology chart or script which mentions the effect of the planets on the person, usually throughout the person's lifetime. It's somewhat a combination of numerology and astrology.

Apart from that, I've never heard of the term being used before. I'm sure that anyone can get a "birth card". But it all depends on the priest. Some charge you and others don't.

I had one made, but my birth date was entered incorrectly, so it didn't apply to me. Still have to get it remade. -.-

I hope you got the answer you were looking for.
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Re: birth cards?
Post # 4
Nash I asked about that and she said it was different.
I had never heard of it either but she said it gave her great insight and actually had a tattoo of one and said she was planning on getting the other. So whatever it was, she took it pretty seriously.
Thank you both for the info :)
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