Voodoo Dolls

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Voodoo Dolls
Post # 1
I was just curious about voodoo dolls for numerous reasons. I want to make a voodoo doll as a sort of test, which if it doesn't work, I'll use it as a 'lucky charm' or something similar. So, to get to the point, I have a few questions that are much easier answered by people who practice voodoo rather than looking it up online or searching for books that are probably scarce in my location or unhelpful for my purpose.

How many dolls can there be representing one person? For instance, suppose someone made a doll to represent me, and another person has also done so. Assuming there can be more than one, which one would prevail in a battle of influence over me? Say one is used for good magic, and one is used for negative magic, would they cancel out?
Can you make a voodoo doll to represent yourself?
Does it matter what materials are used if there is a personal item attatched?
Also, can another spirit influence the voodoo doll. If the doll were placed somewhere unsafe, like a haunted location etc., would the doll be affected?
And when disposing of the doll, I believe the personal item(s) must be removed before hand, but if I chose to throw it into running water, does it matter which direction the water is flowing?

If you can answer any of my questions, you would help me immensely. I realize this site might consist of many voodoo practictioners, but any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Voodoo Dolls
Post # 2
well i wouldnt think the dolls would cancel out eachother.
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Re: Voodoo Dolls
Post # 3
I think you'd feel all the effects. It is best if you have a personal item to use in making the doll, but its not necessary. As for disposal, well I've never made one, so I've never had to get rid of one, but in my general experience, any way you get rid of stuff usually works. I like to either burn things or throw them in the trash.
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Re: Voodoo Dolls
Post # 4
Alright for your first question, you baptize a doll to one person, which means that you can change the specific purpose to that doll because it represents the person not the intent.

I have never heard of a battle of the dolls, rarely if a hoodoo or voodoo worker has found out about something being used against them will they use the same work to counteract it. That being said if someone were to use a doll against you, your best defense is a spiritual wash, for yourself and your home.

Some dolls are used with personal effects, sometimes pictures are used, and adding as many identifying characteristics as possible to the doll before it is baptized,

Considering that there is a ritual to baptize the doll, spirit influence or a large amount of negative pressure should be subdued by the creation of a sacred space for the work. If you wish to get rid of the doll, burning, running water (doesnt matter the direction), burying it at the cross roads also works.

I believe that is everything that you asked if there is anything else let me know.
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Re: Voodoo Dolls
Post # 5

To answer your questions:

You can use multiple dolls to represent ones self.

  • Whichever one you would like.
  • A spell can be canceled out no matter what, so just "refill" the poppets with power every once in a while.
  • Yes, a poppet can be used to represent ones self.
  • No, it does not matter, but the more items for the poppet the more energy you are putting into the poppet which comes out with the best results.
  • If you fill a poppet with herbs of your intention; almost all of the herbs are used for protection so you don't have to worry. Unless you'd rather be on the safe side and bless the poppet.
  • The doll will only be affected when you put negative thoughts into your doll.
  • No, it does not matter. Although, I would rather burn the poppet with the items included. That's just me. You can do whatever you choose.

All answers are answered in order.

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Re: Voodoo Dolls
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

your thinking of the dolls in the movies voodoo dolls are used for luck and protection and in some cases to house spirits the kind where you poke it and the person feels it don't exist

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Re: Voodoo Dolls
Post # 7
Thank you guys so much! That was very helpful.
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