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Post # 1
Heya recently converted to wicca any advice on how to get started?
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Post # 2
learn the basics





moon phases


and check out the wicca section in the forum
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By: / Novice
Post # 3
books by Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland are good for people starting out in Wicca. also The Witches Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar is good. from there, it comes down to what you want to learn about. you should start out with an 'expert' to give you good footing, then branch out. just an opinion.

you also have forums, articles and even other websites you could look to, but as mentioned by missjersey, those are 'the basics'. though i would add to it circle casting and the elements. as you master those, try learning about chakras, herbs, and finally, spell casting. remember Wicca is a religion, magic is a part of it, but it's not the main, most important thing. it's like joining Christianity and focused on prayer.
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Post # 4

So I see that in the first comment someone has told you to learn your basics in order to start out following the wiccan religion, which is not necessarily true. The basics are necessary to start out with magick, which is really important and agreeable. But, one does not has to necessarily get the conclusion that you have not learned about the basics of magic after reading this thread, because all what was asked here is how to start out with the wiccan religion specifically.
The word "Wicca" and the word "Magick" in general, are two different terms with some different meanings and general definitions. So please pay attentionand check out if someone asks how to start out with magick or asks about how to start out with the wiccan religions specifically.

As for the question itself...

It is good to hear that you have chosen a new path to follow, I hope that you will be happy with what you do and follow.
First of all I would recommend you to study about you path to depth. This is the best way to start out and know your religions, by basically getting introduced to it. This is the best way to start out with everything, by being introduced with it and knowing about it to depth and also about what it is in general. There are many books and websites to study and get great knowledge of the religion. I recommend to read "Scott Cummingham" books, he has many books about Wicca. Learn as much as you can. The standard study time is a year and a day. Before I even started following my traditions I studied for few years and then stared to experience stuff.

After you learn about it, all you need to do is to simply follow the religion and its traditions, which build the religion itself. If you know about it deeply as I recommended to you with my first tip, you will probably know what the religion talks about, what the beliefs and traditions are, and what you probably need to follow and do.

Secondly, get introduced to the wiccan way of life ; what they do, how they act, behave, etc and then you will know how to start out with the wiccan religion very well.
To sum it up, the wiccan way of life is about everything that wiccans do and think about, deeply.

I would like to quote Lark's ( a member of our community and also a wiccan for over 30 years) word here for a bit, it talks about the wiccan way of life. I couldn't explain it better than here, so I chose to let you see what she said before:

" For instance, as a Wiccan we are concerned with the welfare of this planet we live on. So perhaps you could include recycling into your daily practices. Or work with or support conservation groups. Avoid buying products that are harmful to the environment..for instance, stop buying bottled water because those plastic bottles are filling up landfills and trashing the oceans all over this planet.

Eat a healthy diet because your body is also sacred to the Gods. Avoid foods that are heavily processed, or those that support industries that use less than ethical harvesting practices...for instance, avoid net-caught tuna because it kills so many unintended sea mammals. Look for cans that say line-caught or dolphin friendly.

Treat others with respect and kindness. Remember that as Wiccans we believe that there is a bit of the Divine within each of us, so each is a reflection of God and Goddess. When you treat others less than well you are doing the same to the Divine.

Become aware of important political issues that effect our planet and put your support behind conservation efforts. Perhaps you could find or form a group that picks up trash along a stretch of road

It's all very well and good to keep the Sabbats, meditate, do spells, etc. But to truly be Wiccan it has to trickle down into every mundane corner of your life. So when you are thinking about doing something ask yourself, what does Wicca teach me about how to respond to this situation? "

I hope that you will love and enjoy your new religion, and congratulations for starting out. =)

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