Werewolf unable to change

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Werewolf unable to change
Post # 1
Ok so I am physical built like a werewolf in human form i think like a wolf and when the moon is full during the days around it i am stronger and faster. is it possible that i was born a werewolf and unable to shift at all?

Re: Werewolf unable to change
Post # 2
Not physically, it is not possible as here in this world werebeasts such as the werewolf do not exist. On the astral perhaps.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
Post # 3

Cannot change physical form, it's against the laws of physics. The same answer is given all throughout these forums if you would actually take time to read.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
Post # 4

I completely agree with Catnip and Bane .

This is really sad to see how people actually make other members to believe that there is actually a mythical creature that is called a werewolf. It is even sadder to see how much false and fantasy spells they post at magic communities to get pleasure and fun.
I have observed the forums recently and this was not hard to understand that such fluffy threads are popular and really visible.

So I will make this clear for once, and I hope that people will fully read this.

So let me tell all of the people who try to contribute any false information whatever the reason is :
You can't turn yourself to a werewolf or change anything about the physical appearance or change genes and DNA.

~ Why isn't it possible ? ~

While casting spells the practitioner channels and manipulates energy to get his / her desire ( the practitioner may choose to do more optional things such as adding to the formula ritual supplies and tools, circles, colors, planetary hours and days, etc). But basically you can see that the practitioner manipulates energy and sends it to the universe or to another object.

It is know that simple energy manipulation and channeling will not get you any physical change. Energy is something that will not effect you genes and your DNA. That's not really how it works.

Also do not forget that the thread is talking about werewolves and not other physical changes that may be done by operations.
As I said you cannot give yourself any physical change of your body, and also you cannot change your DNA, genes and hormonal process by energy manipulation.
The thing that makes it even more impossible is that werewolves do not even exist here. They are just mythical creatures which are told in stories. But this is only fantasy stories, not reality. You need to realize what the difference is between fantasy and reality. You can join a magic site but it does not make everything to be a reality.

So If it is known that energy manipulation will not change your physical appearance, your DNA, genes or hormonal process, it is obvious that it will not turn you to anything that does not even exist but in fantasy stories.

And even if you are talking about being ' boron' one, then yiu probably have to read the paragraph about tihngs that do not exist.

You were born human and will always be one.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
Post # 5
It is possible you have a werewolf entity with you. From my knowledge, you can't physically become one, but entities can "become part of you" I guess? You can see it on the astral plain if your third eye is open. But as far as I know, you will not be able to change physically on this plain into a werewolf.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
Post # 6
Here is a fun thing. If you practice enough or can channel to a person, while they sleep, you can induce and make a dream for that person. Just meditate and make that connection and make their dreams whatever you desire.

What this means is that you can make youself turn into a werewolf, in that person's dream, that you induced. To me I just call it dream inducing.

Channeling can make you sick if you aren't used to it.

So you think you have a wolf spirit inside or you, ha? Tell me, where did it come from? LOL, but seriously.

I believe in spirit animals, and that those who have these totem animals or are familiar with them, know that animals characteristics are what make it possible to survive. Much like a niche. It is just that what you feel and think you have inside of you is a wolf spirit, or if you believe in the darker realities of magick you then have a werewolf demon inside of you. Well, that pertains to demonology.

Here is what I believe. I believe when one commits acts that are of a various nature, then that allows or eventually allows influence of those spirits that have that similar nature. You have the actions then you meetup with channeling the same spirits of 'that' action. I believe this to be especially so when I commit various acts them go into ritual, because then I channel those very demons or note demons. You get it coming and going, so to speak. So you can kind of see how you gotta do the work in order to attain the influence of the spirituality aspect.

Yes, I seriously believe these spirit animals can manifest themselves once you got them. Then once and if they are gone there is always one waiting in line, and that is called a spiritual doorway. Another part of demonology that is.

I can tell you, that the characteristic of my spirit animal holds true to my niche, the way that I do things and the reason why. Well, you have a spirit animal, and that animal must be understood in order to be tamed. Then it is like, once you're able to accept that, you realize that because of your spirit animal, it is the whole reason why you may have aggression that can easily build up, and then explode.

You understand your spirit animal then you understand your 'primitive' side. Then you can easily control yourself. I would say that understanding your spirit animal is important, especially if it is an aggressively strong one, because there have been times where I have blacked out on people and just beat the living day lights out of them, and not remembering the fighting part to anthe extent. Then there was one time I even picked up a knife, and not remembering what I was doing, when someone calmed me down. It was like something was slowly taking over my consciousness-self. I am a very nice person, but it doesn't help that I ignore letting some things out when I absorb them, and that doesn't fly with my spirit animal. If you tick me off at a party, I will black out and curse you on the spot in stealth, before you even know it, or if you even try to challenge me with any physical oppression I will rip your face off.

So there you go. If your spirit animal is the wolf, then that means you're a loyal friend who will like seek out people and face them head on. You're protective, in general. You're like an assassin. Social in that you are willing to do things for others whom you care about. I got aggression built up just thinking about it. I need to go constructively unload. In other words, I meed to go feed the little beast inside of me, before it takes me over. 'Can you explain zat, can you explain zat; can you explain zat!? No, I can't explain zat!' Don't ignore anything you can't account for, even it would destruct the social norm.

'You're a peacock, you gotta fly.' LOL. I love it. Thanks for asking.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
By: / Novice
Post # 7
if you are a werewolf, you physically cannot change, humans can't do that. there are people who have an animal spirit which would explain why you feel this way. i've heard theories that when you astrally project your astral self will look like whatever animal spirit you have. sucks they aren't physically real, i love werewolves, the mythos and everything really interests me, but unfortunately things like Teen Wolf aren't real in the physical.

i'd look into astral projection, perhaps shamanism because of totems and spirit animals, that could help.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
Post # 8
It is always nice to hear from you, Nekoshema. You carry or have a nice spirit about you. Blessings. :) It is like you have a soothing voice. It is calming.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
Post # 9
Why don't we have anybody into the least bit of knowledge and concepts on therianthropy? Hello, we got psi-vampirism, yet that is openly welcomed and accepted. Psi-vampirism, is just a children's game to me, but I only say that because there're much more 'classical' practices to endeavor. Well, if everyone has a spirit animal that he or she is born with, then what are the ways we can connect with that guide, and why is it their? I wasn't born pagan. I was born into christianity and was one time a devout nondenominational Christian, but partly got tired of it because I was surrounded by twinkie heathens, so I am learning the heathen's ways and making myself better at celebrating holidays that Christians pretend to celebrate, when they have not the slightest idea of what or why it is that they celebrate pagan 'holidays.'

'I have a feeling tonight is going to be a good night.' I actually have a feeling this is going to be so much fun.

Re: Werewolf unable to change
By: / Novice
Post # 10
i know what you mean, do wish there was a bit more variety when it came to this stuff, it's vampires or nothing. oh, and psi vampires, i do believe, in theory you're working with energy, so i give it a pass. while i don't study animal spirits, the only way i know how to connect with your spirit animal is through a spirit quest, or meditation. meditation would be the safest option, while meditating it should come to you, i think you might ask like 'whats my spirit animal' or something, but i'm not sure.

natives would go on spirit quests, different for each region, but again, you're pretty much on your own, trying to reflect and it will be revealed to you. sweat lodges are good ways, but i'd research first, try to find a sweat lodge run by actual natives, not just some guy set one up, there's been far more deaths associated with someone who read about it setting one up, and someone who was taught by his father who learned from his father and back and back and back. like, a main one is they use the wrong rocks. they take river rocks, which are pouris, and when you poor water onto hot rocks they explode. the other is going out into the woods with little food and little water and staying their until you find your totem/spirit animal. could be more, but those are the ones i hear about the most.

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