Some thoughts to ease me

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Some thoughts to ease me

Some thoughts to ease me
Post # 1
Hello all,
My name is Jacob.
I have tried Astral Projection before and the reaction that happened when I got into it was not pleasant because I woke into a
panic. Sort of like that feeling when your standing on a ledge with people behind you. My heart was racing,
Isn't Astral Projection supposed to put me at ease and allow me to enjoy the beauty of it,
or am I am I doing it wrong?
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Re: Some thoughts to ease me
By: / Novice
Post # 2
depends, normally it should, but sometimes something can go wrong. my friend projected once, i fogret exactly what happened, but he got into a situation he wanted to get out of asap so he immediately shot back to his body so fast he had to lie there for a good half hour trying to calm down. never projected since, because every time he tries, he begins to leave his body but something subconsciously reminds him about what happened and he quickly returns to him body. it's some fear he has that he needs to overcome.

perhaps what happened was a crash landing into your body. try projecting again, but instead of leaving your room, float around for a bit, then go back into your body. slowly each time you project, move a bit further out, when you want to return however, think of your room, then your body. i normally do that, and i've never awoken in a panic or something. once though i didn't and i was rather soar, so that could of been it, you were zapped back really fast. mind you i'm no expert, could be something else, just what i know though experience.
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Re: Some thoughts to ease me
Post # 3
Often, when people are making their first attempts at AP their body becomes stressed or frantic at the disconnect from the conscious, a separation it isn't used to performing in a waking state. As you practice it this effect will lessen, and you'll become more comfortable with it. That's when you'll be able to fully, successfully Astral Project; once you can become utterly comfortable.
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Re: Some thoughts to ease me
Post # 4
I do thank you for your input but I don't even know if I was out of my body. But I did come back with some thoughts about a painting
and then lost the thoughts within 5 or 10 minutes.
I will try and try projecting until I am able to do it correctly
Because I do not fear the feeling of the adrenalin of coming back,
It was just rather unexpected.
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Re: Some thoughts to ease me
Post # 5
I do hope so Minuit. From what I have heard it can be a very breathtaking and delightful experience.
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