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Help A Friend
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello everyone.
I have a close friend of mine that's going through a pretty hard time. She's started drinking heavily and she's depressed a lot. It worries me a lot because I really care for her.
I'm looking for a spell to help with that kind of stuff, depression, addiction, etc.
I'm planning on crafting it myself, but I need some ideas. Like crystals or herbs or candles to use. Different methods. Deities that could help with that. Moon phases and day correspondences. Invocations, Etc. Anything would help.

Thanks and blessed be
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Re: Help A Friend
Post # 2
You can always ask spirits these things. Asking spirits works a lot but you can always use a healing spell. Unfortunately I'm not good with that. :( I hope your friend gets better.
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Re: Help A Friend
Post # 3
I think saturday is good for getting rid of things and the waining moon.
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Re: Help A Friend
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
For the beginning it's good to get Amethyst and blood stone for this girl. Amethyst will settle a drinking limit and blood stone will help to fight a bad habit. After few days you can set a list of negative things you wish to get rid of and write it down everything. Then cross all those negative stuff you wrote with a black Pen or charcoal and fold it 4 times but don't fold it toward yourself. Burn this list of negativity and throw it into the stream, lake, sea what ever is next to you, while you throwing visualize that you are getting rid of all bad energy you wish to get rid of. Turn your back and leave this place and dont look back again. Usually it helps a lot. (sorry for my English ;-) and May all spirits bless your kind intention
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