They try to harm me

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> They try to harm me

They try to harm me
Post # 1

My father's ex girlfriend castes black magic against me my sister him and my mother.Two days ago I woke up with scrutches on my hands so did my sister that lives miles away from me.When my dad builded a new building she cursed him nothing to go well and a Ukraine man who worked for him died that day falling of the building.Now my sister and i had the same dream yesterday that she was trying to put on fire to our father's shop.How can I stop her from harming my family?

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Re: They try to harm me
Post # 2
what she is doing is wrong and it will come back to her three fold but you should try to find a spell to bind her, or find a spell that will take her powers away.
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Re: They try to harm me
Post # 3
A binding spell and protection spell should do it.
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Re: They try to harm me
By: / Novice
Post # 4
what proof do you have that it's her? if you're certain it's her you could try a spell to repel it and send it back at her:

you could also to a protection on your family, and a purification/protection on your house. get some sage smudge, tends to work keeping bad things away. open all your doors and windows as you do it, and think, or chant, how everything negative must leave and never return.
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Re: They try to harm me
Post # 5
You could look for a spell or blessing to protect your father's shop,or maybe something to send the spells back to her,oh and the three fold thing is wiccan,not everybody follows wicca.
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Re: They try to harm me
Post # 6
Sounds like your got a serious case. I would cast a protection spell, before you go to bed, because when you sleep is the 'time' these sort of things usually take their toll.

One thing I do, is drop my pillow on the floor, light a candle, hold that candle, light some incense, and walks around the pillow three times clockwise, while chanting, 'Thrice around the circle's clockwise bound, evil sink into the ground,' three times. Then I set the candle somewhere where it will burn completely out by itself, in a safe spot.

Then take some time to meditate, after you so that ritual, to visualize you walking around your home clockwise, and that all that is bad and evil can't follow you. I would also visualize your dad's ex-girlfriend trying to follow you, as you visualize yourself walking around you home three times.

You know that saying, 'Protected within the circle'? Well, it is true. You just got to believe that it is true, also. There is some logic behind it. A circle joins together and holds everything, as one, within it. I was thinking about embroidering the outskirts of my bedsheets with names or a saying that is deemed protective, and in that idea the symbols or writing will join each other at their ends, making or joining into a circle.

I was also thinking you should try wearing a nightcap, while going to bed. Don't ask why, just try it. Like an actual ordinary nightcap.

Then I was also thinking of going out to buy a new pillow, put some mugwort inside of that pillow, or holy trinity herbs mix, I can't decide what mix. Write your dad's ex-girlfriend's name on it. I mean you should do this, if interested. Charge ansd consecrate the darn thing, and tell that pillow it is your pillow, but with your dad's ex's name on it. Use it to sleep with. Then whenever you wake up in the middle of the night, because you feel the attack from your dad's ex, stab the pillow multiple times, while chanting whatever may feel empowering; such as, 'By the virtues and powers of the sun, the moon and the stars,' or, 'In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit,' or 'In the name of god and or goddess so and so, I strike back.'

I am serious, but at the same time I think the whole pillow idea is comical, because it's so well defensive it's offense. As for the herbs, I would just throw all four in there, but separately at a time. The reason why I say mugwort, because I think of it as the herb of the crossroads. You wonder why one has the weirdest dreams drinking that tea or laying a small bundle/sachet of mugwort underneath their pillow. It is the crossroads, but as an herb. It's symbolic.

I know it might be a taboo for putting an even number of ingredients, into a container, but I really see four as an essence of the planetary power or house of Uranus. 1+3=4, of the number 13. I see the number 31 as a number that stirs things up, where as, 13 makes fruition. '1 for three and 3 for one.' I call it condensed cereal, in that respects. It all depends on what things or correspondences mean to a person that is important, because after everything else is in place then comes your intent. I can't just share anything with someone about something without explaining my self firstly, because in order for that person to have that intent, which will help with intent, the symbolism behind the work must be met, with some standard.

Then if it were me, I would gladly set my alarm clock, for 2-4 A.M.-ish, just to stab the pillow, so that I make sure I get up to defend myself. I would so this for a week straight, then send the pillow with the knife to your dad's ex. So when she touches it, it will curse her. The stabbing part, of the pillow, defends you from the attacker by attack.

I know it works. It stops the attacker's spiritual attack, and it may hurt the attacker. It usually does. Side effects vary, for the sender. I don't and wouldn't think anything of it, because if a pratitioner wants to play spiritual warfare, ethically they are fair game.

Bad spell casters tend to lay their seeds while you're sleeping.
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Re: They try to harm me
Post # 7
Not only is there some level of technicality, but with that, the wise thing to so is use tactics. You got to do something that will make your opponent not be able to move. Then once they can't move, you knock them down, with what justifiable anger that you have, if it be anger or whatever.

People have anger, so we have have some fury in us all. There are different kinds of people in this world, but those who say that they don't believe in negativity or being negative, are really lying to themselves, because I see that they are usually the type that 'feel' more so than think to choose to see 'it' another way. It's hard to correspond your actions to what you say you think. Hypocrisy? No, that would be beating something with a stick before you explain yourself.

Just to add to sending energy; it is what you say or do, when you feel something, and what you think of to intend that makes your evil-eye, so to speak, project itself effectively.

I just like to say this. I sometimes do some scrying on my posts, just because it is way to let my thoughts unravel, because some of my posts are so big, they are something you can scry on. You can scry on anything that has a texture to it. I noticed in the 7th and 8th paragraph, that I saw a circle. Ironic. Then in the 6th paragraph, I saw an upright triangle. Key words or the upright triangle: righteousness, masculinity, wand or the sword. A triangle is something you can confine something into, so maybe symbolizing a gateway to something.

Have these attacks been more severe during and prior to the full moon and newmoon, a couple days before? I am just curious.
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Re: They try to harm me
Post # 8
Try this spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:
1 black candle
a pin (for engraving)
olive oil mixed with red pepper flakes

This spell is to reverse any spell that you may think someone has put upon you

Casting Instructions for 'Return to Sender Spell'

Use the pin and carve "return to sender" all over the candle, then anoint the candle with the olive oil/red pepper flakes.
Light the candle and just let it burn out.

PS Good Luck!!
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Re: They try to harm me
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Comments.
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Re: They try to harm me
Post # 10
three fold is not just wiccan it connects with karma which many different religons believe in.
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