My introduction

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My introduction
Post # 1
Hello, I'm UDshadow, I am 14 years old and I'm from Brisbane. I really want to be a wizard and I think that magic is captivating. I am new here can you tell what should I do first?
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Re: My introduction
Post # 2
First and foremost, welcome to the site! ^^

As to getting started the best thing to do is actually called general overall reading, research, and study. That of course doesn't mean I can't point you in the right direction.

Okay, what I do generally advise for people who are starting into the craft however is to definitely have a look at the basics - this is a list of standard practices you will find followed in nearly all paths/practices. Everyone has their own personalised version of this list so do be sure to check out 3/4 before making your own decisions.

Additionally look at any research you may need to do into your path (faith) and how it incorporates magick into it or just the path overall if you are new to it.

Another point (yes I am the king of rambling) would be to make sure you understand what magick can and can't do before you go any further on from the basics into spellwork. Hollywood has lead to some people having minor misconceptions which can be easily solved with a little reading. This of course doesn't apply to everyone as the majority of the population does use their common sense.

If you need any more help/pointers feel free to send me a message or shout out to me on chat.

Be well and safe~
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Re: My introduction
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Start with the Basics, they can be found through Google or another search engine, if they are difficult to find,
add 'magick, pagan, occult, wicca' ect to the search.
The basics are as follows:

Circle Casting
Colors and their meanings
Moon Phases and their meanings
Days and their meanings
Hours and their meanings
Herbs and magick Tools (Stones, wands, altars, ect)
Energy Manipulation
Astral Projection and the Planes of Existence
Charms and Chakras

Aswell as your signs and spiritual attachments, Zodiac and elements,
totems, ect. Which can depend on your birthdate, and others require spiritual
guidance through meditation or dreaming. Communication with your spririt guide(s)
can also help you on your experience.

To run down the basics, If you want to learn how to write, or properly cast spells
YOU NEED TO LEARN THESE. There is short cut to truely participating in this practice
without this essential knowledge. You study until you have these memorized, and you may
forget a few along the way. As long as you keep practicing, is as long as you will remember.

A mentor is there to guide you, however they will not hand feed you everything you need to know
They are your teacher, they are the frame, they explain what you cannot understand. HOWEVER
it is still a Personal experience, something you need to be grounded in, and well connected
with your subconcious, there are some things your mentor cannot give you.
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