Potion Magick ~Intro~

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Potion Magick ~Intro~
Post # 1
[Taken from my coven forum post]

This is for anyone that wishes to start to practice Potion Magick but wants to know more about it.

The main ingredient in any potion is INTENT. If you have no intent, then why are you even making the potion? Additionally, you must keep you intention clearly in mind while you are making potions. You must know all of your ingredients, mainly the herbs. Do not put a herb in your potion if you do not know what it is for. Cinnamon is a herb that can cause skin irritation if not properly handled. Some herbs even emit a toxic smoke when burned. Do your research on a herb before you use it in your potion.

Potions are classified into two groups. The ones you injest and the ones you do not. But, if you want more clarification, potions are classified into seven distinct groups in which I will give you now.

If you are to boil herbs inside a pot for ten minutes (or however long), you are making a Infusion.

If you soak a gemstone, metal, or a combination of both in water or alcohol, you are making a Elixir. Gold and silver are said to be the only metals you can digest safely in an Elixir, but only in small doses. Keep a note of that.

Heating fresh herbs in vegetable oil over a low heat until the herbs lose their color or take on a transparent look make Oils. After that is done, the herbs are then strained through cheese cloth and the process repeated several times until the oil achieves the desired scent.

Ointments are made by steeping three tablespoons of fresh herb in one cup of vegetable based lard and re-heating it several times.

Tinctures can be made by steeping four ounces of fresh herbs in eight ounces of alcohol in a dark place for two weeks.

I will have a follow up on this on simple formulas you can make and what it does. Remember to do your research on herbs. I hope this helps you.

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Re: Potion Magick ~Intro~
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Thank you so much for this article, i am really interested in potion magick and am glad you thought to create this article :)

Heart xx

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Re: Potion Magick ~Intro~
Post # 3
I am always glad to help.

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