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By: / Novice
Post # 1
Colors and Correspondence

BLUE- health, peace, calm, intuition, inspiration, spiritual, devotion, happiness, kindness, psychic ability, compassion; Jupiter, Neptune, Psalms 9, 19, 112

GREEN- money, luck, prosperity, business gain, abundance, fertility, success, new beginnings, hope, creativity, health; Venus, Jupiter, Psalms 4, 65

YELLOW-luck, academic success, wisdom, concentration, cheerfulness, health, relieve worries, persuade others, attractive, speed up results, remove hexes & bad luck; Mercury, Sun, Psalms 15, 32

GOLD- prosperity, good luck, good fortune, get a job, new opportunities, money, honor, good position, business gain; Sun, Psalms 8, 150

ORANGE- cheerfulness, concentration, positive thoughts, optimism, hope, energy, prophetic dreams, peace of mind, safety from enemies, recover lost things; Mercury, Uranus, Psalms 44, 70

PINK-friendship, love, tenderness, success, harmony, pleasure, loyalty. Good fortune, spiritual awakening, leadership, clears up bad home conditions, joy, happiness; Venus, Sun, Psalms 14, 57

RED- love, romance, attraction, passionate affection, sex, lust, enthusiasm, energy, endurance, strength, courage, will power; Mars, Pluto, Psalms 45, 142

PURPLE- success, career improvement, mastery. Confidence, conquering, courage, protection, safety, overcome problems, divination, exorcism, power wisdom, dignity, strength; Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Psalms 7, 52

GREY- neutrality, overcome trouble, conquering, develop the inner self, self-knowledge; Moon, Psalms 12, 52

SILVER- victory, good, money, powerful, conquering, develop the inner self, self-knowledge; Moon, Psalms 30, 52

BROWN-Special favours, justice, stop confusion, control spiritual vibrations, thrift, studious, self-discipline, practical, creative; Earth, Saturn, Psalm 35

BLACK- remove bad vibrations and habits, retribution, conquer evil, introspection, quietness, inner strength and power, release the departed; Saturn, Psalms 44, 55

WHITE- Blessing, prayer, truth, purity, spiritual strength and power, protection, cleansing, hope, harmony, peace, healing, release the departed; Moon, Sun, Psalms 73, 99, 00
These colors can come into play in may ways when it comes to magick working. Either wearing the colors to envoke those vibrartions upon one self, charge a candle that corresponds to your intents, or selecting and using a stone or crystal.

candle magick can be made very simple just by charging and using colors that correspond to intentions. i like to dress my candle with oils to help focus my intent, make and more clear and direct. i aslo inscribe on the candle with a nail, or atheme words or symbols of my intents.

The use of medicine bags, mojo bags, hex bags aslo use colorology. Like stuffing a blue bag with lavender makes a good medicine bag for sleep. Blue being the realm of water, corresponding to sleep, dreams and psychism, as well as lavender, the color purple corresponds to pychism and protection. as well as the herb istelf premotes sleep and relaxation

you can find this info and more at
This is a local shop i like to go to and they do mail orders i beleive :)
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Re: colorology
Post # 2

Thank you I enjoyed reading this. Love a refresher on things;

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