Going to die young?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Going to die young?

Going to die young?
Post # 1
Ever since I can remember I've always had this nagging feeling I would die young. I feel like I won't make it to thirty. I'm not afraid of this, actually I'm sort of the opposite. I feel like it will bring peace, nothing else just peace. Should I be afraid? Do you think this nagging feeling might be some sort of intuition? I'm not sure, but it's a very strong feeling. Thank you.
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Re: Going to die young?
Post # 2
Live do not die,even with that felling you have to defeat it and make it go away,you are special and shoudln't die because of a felling,I had a similar felling before but I defeated it and if i can do it so can you...

Just think positive,think of a future that doesn't evolve you dying...
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Re: Going to die young?
Post # 3
I always had this nagging feeling that someone close to me would die under specific circumstances and then they did, when the circumstances were met. For me, nagging feelings tend to tell the future.
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Re: Going to die young?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
This is one reason why Divination is so important, It might be God's will or if your an atheist, synchronicity. It might be your intuition warning you to overcome a particular danger that will come at a given time frame? It might be a message from an entity? You do a divination to foretell it's truth based on your capabilities. I do believe however that we are masters of our OWN will. Ceremonial magicians like me, do our best to be able to manipulate the entire universe (In a philosophical sense) for As above, so below. You are the king and queen of your own fate, however Karma can have an influence and Karma WILL HAPPEN eventually, whether it be in this life or the next. Perhaps what your experiencing is a premonition to a certain karmatic effect (again, use divination to be sure.) There is no possible way to stop Karma, you cannot take reuse a scorched matchstick, Once you strike the match and incinerate it, you cannot take it back. The effect of karma is not based on the "Code of Hammurabi" wherefore it is "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." Karma is simply the effect of the given action you have performed. When, you kill someone you won't necessarily die early? or would you? Karma is also unpredictable, it will come to you...eventually. Whether it be in the next life or this one. Perhaps it is karma from your past life? In Buddhism, it states that your karma in the past life has an effect on your present. Again, I would stress you to do a divination. I tell you, do NOT concentrate, and do NOT influence the cards, runes, geomantic symbols, etc. You are letting your subconscious handle it, not your conscious part.
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Re: Going to die young?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
it could be a hidden fear, or you can predict it. you're probably trying to warn yourself to be careful or it will come true. while i understand how peaceful this could be, don't go out of your way and kill yourself. my live has mirrored an actors, we were born on the same day, and lived a rather similar life minus the fact i'm not famous, male, and do drugs. well it's always been a joke in my family i'll die when i'm 23 and i'm 23 this year, and unless i somehow start doing drugs, i don't think i'm gonna die. [what i am planning is trying to contact him.]

i do get sort of what you feel, if you're going to die, say, in a crash, then it's kind of out of your control, but don't go 'i'm gonna die, what's the point.' also, lets say your friends want you to join them on a ski trip and this feeling you have kicks in, i'd turn them down, because that might be what you're being warned about. personally i'd work on clairvoyance, and try to see what it is you've been 'predicting' you whole life. meditate on the feeling, think about it, something might come to you.
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Re: Going to die young?
Post # 6
Used to feel the same way, however, I don't now. I think it was mainly the cause of an inability to see myself in any sort of future. Now that I'm older, I can see where I could end up, or where I want to end up. Perhaps this is also the case with you. If you truly think it's not, then it is possible (as others have said) it's a premonition of sorts.
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