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~My Tree Series~

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~My Tree Series~
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Merry Meet!

So in this thread I'll be posting articles on trees (I'm this site's tree hugger :D) It lists some basic info on the tree, then its magickal and medicinal uses- hope this helps!

Heart )O(

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Re: ~My Tree Series~
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Trees are also nice to talk to if you can find one that is willing to talk back. I miss where I use to live I had one that was awesome and helped me out many times.

Thanks for sharing
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Re: ~My Tree Series~
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Btw, if you are wondering where i got my info from, the majority of it's from the following two websites:



Hope this helps :)

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Re: ~My Tree Series~
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Here is my first therad, let me know what you all think, and feel free to let me know if i get anything wrong.

~Willow Trees~

Salix Alba

Fifth month of the Celtic Tree calendar,April 15th - May 12thand fifth consonant of theOgham alphabet Saille, Willow trees are known to be the trees of enchantment, witchery, the Goddess, moon, water, dreaming, inspiration, and all things feminine. The willow tree is also said to be the Alder Trees (Also known as the king of the waters) Queen. Willow trees symbolically belong to the beginning of spring. It is also said that the words Witch, Wicca and Wicked have derived from the word Willow.

Herbal/Magickal Properties:

Greatly known for its pain-relieving qualities, willow has been used by healers for over 2000 years. Willow contains salicin which is converted to salicylic acid in the body. Salicylic acid is closely related to aspirin, the synthetic drug that has displaced willow bark from popular use. Willow bark can, if made into a decoction, be used to treat inflamed gums and tonsils and also as a footbath as a remedy for sweaty feet. It is always best to take the willows bark in the spring time- but only take what you need; if you take too much, the tree will die. Willow wood is also said to help with the following- new moon magick, creativity, fertility, female rites of passage, inspiration, emotion, binding. Love, Love divination, protection, healing. Burning willow or using willow incense will protect your house and fill it with the love and peace of the goddess, and bring out the feminine side to all those within the house. Willow wands are best used whenever there is a need to connect with intuition, dreams, visions and poetically inspired writings and images.

Okay so theres my post on Willow trees, I absolutely adore them and I really connect with them hence the reason why I found the name Willow. And I hope you all enjoyed JLet me know if I left something out and what you think.

Bright Blessings,


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Re: ~My Tree Series~
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

Hello all, this is my second article and its going to be on an australian tree; the Desert Oak. I am only doing this tree because it was requested, but hey, why not? :D Here's the article:

~Desert Oak~

Acacia Coriacea

Also known as River Jam, Wire Wood, Wiry Wattle and Dog Wood, Is found in the very heart of Australia and is known for its ability to thrive in harsh climates. Much like Oak, some of its many properties include endurance, strength, Male energy, Protection, Fertility and a strong magickal booster. It is much connected to the element fire due to its ability to grow in deserts and heat and its wood can be made into a wand if you and this tree share the same element.

Use this trees bark as offerings, as an incense to increase male energies in the house and also when you are trying for a baby. Carve into a wand used for casting spells of protection, strength of all kinds, and anything that you may think has to do with male energies. Bark can be used to put in powders, potions, in spells etc.

Seeing as resources are limited, this is the only information I can find at the current moment. I hope I have helped you all, and that you find this information useful J

Bright Blessings,

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Re: ~My Tree Series~
By: / Beginner
Post # 6


Here's the third tree in the series :) What can i say, when there's nothing to do, write on trees!

~Birch Trees~


Birch is a feminine tree, known as The Goddess Tree or Lady of the Woods, one of the Three Pillars of Wisdom (the other two pillars being Oak and Yew) and one of the Druids Guardians. Its the first month in the Celtic Tree Calender, December 24th to January 20th, and the first consonant in the Ogham alphabet- Beithe. It is said that one who walks through a patch of Birch trees one night at full moon, will be taken to a different dimension to where the Goddess are, which is why they are known as a gateway to the goddess.

Herbal properties:

Birch Oil is great for skin conditions and insect repellent. WARNING: Do not put oil straight onto skin without checking for any reactions beforehand. The sap of a birch tree is also a natural shampoo, and can be a remedy for dysentery and urinary infections. When made into an infusion, Birch leaves are an antiseptic and diuretic. The inner bark is bitter and astringent and has been used in intermittent fevers.

Magickal properties:

Birch is sacred to the druids. Tying a red ribbon around the stem or branch of a Birch tree is said to protect one from the evil eye. Birch wood is believed to ward off evil, banish fears and build courage. Associated with beauty and tolerance, the Birch's vibration heightens tolerance of oneself and others. Add the cut bark to protection spells or drink birch beer if you feel you are under psychic attack.Cradles were once made from birch wood for the sole purpose to protect the helpless children.Twigs of birch were incised with Ogham and carried for protection in little pouches. At the start of any project or journey calls on the power of the birch to protect you. Birch is the tree of new beginnings and new perspectives. Throughout Europe, Birch twigs are used to expel evil spirits. Birch rods are also used in rustic rituals to drive out the spirits of the old year.

And there you have my article on Birch Trees JHope this helps you all,

Bright Blessings


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Re: ~My Tree Series~
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

~Hazel Trees~

Corylus avellana

Hazel was revered by the ancient druids and is the ninth tree of the Celtic tree calendar, dated 5thAug 1stSept. It is the ninth consonant in the Ogham alphabet and represents the letter c. Considered to be The Tree of Knowledge, particularly in Ireland where they also believe that the Hazels nuts symbolise great mystic wisdom. It also known by the folk names: Coll, the Poets Tree and Dripping Hazel The tree is also associated with the Goddess Brighid, the goddess of wisdom, divine inspiration and poetry. Its various powers include: Granting Wisdom, knowledge and Inspiration, wishes, luck, Divination of hidden things, protection and fertility. Do not confuse Hazel for Witch Hazel; they are both entirely different plants!

Herbal Uses/Properties:

Although Hazel has but a few medicinal properties, here is what I have learned: Carrying a double hazelnut in a pocket was and old country charm used to prevent toothache, If bitten by a snake, an equal armed cross made of Hazel laid upon it, was an ancient remedy said to draw out the poison, The kernels of the nut ground fine and mixed with mead or honeyed water is said to be good for coughs that wont clear, or just the crushed nuts in a tea will do the trick also, and when mixed with pepper in a decoction will clear a muzzy head. Some say it has the power to cure fevers, diarrhoea and excessive menstrual flow, but there isnt any good evidence so it could be but an old wifes tale for all we know. A warm poultice of the nuts and shells has also been recommended by Culpepper as a remedy for rheumatism.

Magickal Uses/Properties:

Through the ages, Hazel has been considered magickal and used primarily for its powers of divination. Hazel Dowsing Rods (a divining rod has two forks off its main stem shaped like the letter Y) were often used to detect water and mineral veins. Another method used was to peel the bark of the rod and simply lay it on the palm of the hand. Of old the same method was used to find treasure, thieves and murderers. In the past other woods such as the Willow tree, were also used for dowsing. (Read more about Willow Trees above ^). In Scotland an old custom of love divination is still practiced on Halloween, in which two hazelnuts are given the names of lovers and placed on burning embers. If they burn quietly and remained side by side, the lovers were considered faithful, but if the nuts crack, spit or roll apart, they were considered to be ill-matched and one of them unfaithful. The nuts of the Hazel were commonly used to bring luck by stringing them together and hanging them in the house. When eaten the hazelnuts are said to increase fertility, and of old were eaten before divination to increase inspiration. Also of old, supple twigs if Hazel were woven into crowns and called wishing caps, which when worn and if you wished very hard, would make all your desires come true. Sailors, believing them to offer protection against bad storms at sea, also wore wishing caps. The ancient druids believed they could induce invisibility by wearing them. Twigs of Hazel placed on window ledges give protection against lightening, and three pins of Hazel hammered into a wall of the house would protect it from fire. A necklace of nuts (especially in multiple numbers of seven (or nines in darker magick)) can be worn to attract the fae. Use hazel nuts powdered into incense when making a love charm. Nuts, twigs or bark can be used in an incense to bring concentration and sharpen mentalpowers.

Well, that was a rather long one, sorry I have taken so long to get it up, and I have been busy with school. Now that its the Holidays, you can expect to see more of these articles J

Bright Blessings,

heart <3

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Re: ~My Tree Series~
Post # 8
The Willow is a tree where I fell best,but I fell different around any tree,any of the 9 sacred trees...
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Re: ~My Tree Series~
Post # 9
Heart I love, love this post. Thank you so very much for sharing this

Blessed be
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Re: ~My Tree Series~
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Sorry i took such a long while to get this one done, i have been busy running around at home and out and about so please forgive me. I hope i can make it up to you all with a good bit of info for your minds to feed on :D

~Hawthorn Trees~

Crataegus oxyacantha

Hawthorn is the sixth tree in the Celtic tree calendar dated may 13thto June 9th and represents the letter h in the Ogham alphabet. Hawthorn is associated with Beltane the may day celebrations earning it many names including: The May Tree, Beltane Tree, Whitethorn, May Blossom, Quick, Haw, Halves and the list goes on [forever and ever and ever and ever.] . Beltane honours the Sun god Belenus whose festival originally commenced on the first day the Hawthorn tree blossomed. In Irish folklore the Hawthorn is sometimes referred to as the fairy bush, due to the belief that fairy spirits inhabit the tree as guardians, and since early times it has always been considered bad luck to cut or damage the tree in fear of offending them. However after due regard to the guardian spirit, the collecting of sprigs and flowers from the tree particularly during the May Day celebrations was allowed, and thereafter place in the home to banish evil influences.

Herbal Uses/Properties:

Hawthorn is closely connected to the heart and when its fruits, leaves and flowers are made into an infusion, it is very useful when curing problems such as: irregular or slow heart beat, poor circulation, and high blood pressure. In Chinese medicine the berries are considered beneficial as a diuretic, to help with kidney stones, bladder problems as well as indigestion. Hawthorn was one of the Ogham trees used as a remedy by the Druids its thought that they gave it as a strengthening tonic in weakness and old age. The flowers and berries are astringent and useful in decoctions to cure sore throats. The leaves have been used as an adulterant for tea, and an excellent liqueur brandy is made from its berries.

Magickal Uses/Properties:

For a very long time, Hawthorn has been associated with fertility and still today its blossoms are used to symbolise love and the union of couples during marriage during Beltane (aka May Day). On May Day Eve it was an old custom to and makes a wish by tying ribbons or shreds of personal clothing onto a Hawthorn tree, especially where they grew near wells. These were said to be gifts for the fairies that dwelt in the tree, and if pleased they would make your wish come true.Hawthorn is seen as a great medium when making talismans, wands and staffs, which would be used for protection wealth and luck, or used as a tool in rituals to enhance spiritual development and communication. To make a talisman, strip off the bark while the branch is still green and before it dries hard onto the wood, then store it outside until you are ready to work on it, this will stop the wood from drying out too quickly. Carving is more easily done on green wood than when it has dried out, for the wood of the Hawthorn is especially hard. Wands can also be made in much the same way.In spring, make up a wash by soaking a quantity of fresh leaves and flowers in half a bucket of hot water. Leave overnight and next day sprinkle drops about the rooms of your home, along edges and into corners for protection from the negative energies brought by bad spirits . For help with a difficult situation, takeseven (a faery number) or some say ten strong, sharp thorns found at the tip of hawthorn twigs. Whisper to each one the problem that needs solving. Wrap them in a leaf and bury them under the hawthorn bush. Protect a newbornbaby from any pernicious spirit with leaves of hawthorn in the cradle. Hawthorn is known as a psychic shield that can lift the spirits, and a little charm of the wood is a thoughtful gift for a friend going through a time of particular vulnerability or depression. Dried flowers, berries or leaves can be burned in incense at a ritual working for the same purpose.

Well, i hope you enjoyed, until next time :)

Bright Blessings,

Heart )O(

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