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Try this
Post # 1
If you are really thinking of doing these spells and let me just say most of these spells and crap on here are fake retarded vampire spells? I mean are you fucking kidding me that shit wouldn't turn you into a vampire if you actually had real magic I'm here to give you something that will hopefully turn you away from curses and magic if it works and you get a response put it here. So this is it the instruction that will most likely you will get a response of some kind so if you are serious about this just do these things first draw a pentagram next put 666 in the first 3 little slots in the star next write I accept in runic either in blood or red ink in the inside of the pentagram if you don't now how to write in runic here is a runic to english translation Doesnt matter how you write it just as long as you pray to whoever you want to empower them next around the pentagram draw the runic letter p on the 4 sides of the pentagram don't use the link I put there for this it has to be a certain runic p look up runic letter p on google images the first image should be a alphabet of the runic language use The p there once this is done put candles around the pentagram then sit in the pentagram then say this. (Ipsos Daemones Daemonibus quaeso ad me venire ut vadam ad illos colere et eos illumines me, me duce, ut non modo nunc da mihi virtutem meam accipiam industria currere ostendas yourselfs et illuminet me)! Please shout this now meditate for a while in the pentagram and wait for a hour or so it probrably will happen then if not just leave and wait for something to happen takes awhile for them to show themselves if you think magic and curses are funny and are jokes try this and see for yourselves. PS. This has to be done in graveyards cemeteries battle sites places of death

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Re: Try this
Post # 2
This also has to be at night and if you can do it on a full moon
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