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Chaos Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Alright, so I'm going to present a little bit about chaos magic, as explained to me by my friend. I do not fully agree with his description, but in the interest of giving everyone a few different ways to see it, I'm first going to post his exact words, and then later post my own ideas. So, without further ado, here's how he put it:

" [Chaos magick is] a meta-paradigm, which basically means that instead of being a single path of occult practice, it is more like a collection of bits and pieces from other paths, put together to form a more personal path for the magus (Or chaote, as chaos magi are often called). It also allows the chaote to follow whatever theory of how magic works, or come up with their own, based on their experience. For example, the belief I follow is that every mind of every conscious being in the universe is connected on a certain level, and that through the use of magick, one can connect with and influence other minds, or even send signals out to the universe, bringing about results. But first one must learn to bypass what is calle dthe "Psychic censor", which is a part of the mind that exists to block out any sort of supernatural or "psychic" thoughts or abilities. It also serves to block access to the connections to every other mind. on a more easy level, it is what causes scepticism and disbelief. But by using trances of different levels (either deep, such as trance or lucid dreaming, or heightened, such as frenzy, orgasm, etc), one can break down the censor and access the collective of minds. As for methods, there are a few philosophies of chaos magick that most people follow:

1. Don't do what is prescribed, do what works for you!

2. Nothing spells success like excess (When you do a ritual, do everything you can to get in the right mindset, and blot out any thought of "This might not work...", which instantly spells a failed spell)

3. Be creative! Make the rituals not only effective, but fun also! Take inspiration from prescribed rituals, stories, TV, anything! (I've found chaos magick versions of the Kido Cannon from Bleach, the Patronus Charm from Harry Potter, invocations of characters from TV and books, etc)."

Okay, so that was how he put it. After a bit of exploration, my ideas are a bit different. The motto of a chaote is "Nothing is true, everything is permitted". This simply means that a chaote believes that none of the other approaches are true, but uses them as if they were. Someone who practices chaos magic doesn't really care how something happens, as long as it happens. Kind of a "the end justifies the means" way of thinking. This is different from being eclectic because someone who is eclectic takes pieces from different paths to make their own, but still believes these pieces are true.

Keep in mind this post only covers two ways of thinking about chaos magic--two opinions. Feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions.

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Re: Chaos Magic
Post # 2
I'm not sure I completely cope with this, for I don't think that this was the correct term, as you said about your friend who proposed it. I guess it may make more sense to other people, but I am like a stick in the mud withthis one, I don't think I will levy either side.
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Re: Chaos Magic
Post # 3
Chaos Magick is a result of colidence between Light and Darkness,it has become more idependant so it has it's own accpets...
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Re: Chaos Magic
Post # 4

so i hope this postgets read its a little old, however, chaos magick was described to me as the same thing in the same way.. i was told its what i do, practicing my dharma, praying to the norse gods and also beleiving in dao, i write spells almost like a rhyme in a song its a poetry outlet, and im super ritualistic and all my "stuff" i ask for i offer for in numerouse ways having no problem offering.. if not chaos, what is it? but i like the information and hope to read more.. blessings

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Re: Chaos Magic
Post # 5
I have read that some people use Bugs Bunny in their rituals. Apparently, I have been doing this for some time. Take ideas from what you see, hear, and your own interpretation of things... I am a major nerd so this is awesome for me! Use sci-fy for ideas and different interpretations. Like the Tree of Souls from avatar for the wood element or mother nature. While it is not reality, it gives you a lot of great ideas and ways to think outside the box.
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