those who hurt you

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those who hurt you
Post # 1
Is it possible to get rid of really bad people in your life through magical means? My dad is a nasty horrible person and has made my life and many others lives a living hell for as I know of most of his life. Theres no reasoning, talking with, sitting down etc with this man. Hes just rotten. Hes extremely selfish snd will do and say ANYTHING to get his way. My issue is that since hes my father I cant shake him as I would any other person. I just want him gone...I ve given him so many chances and hes just a rotten, nasty person. I've tried taking care of this whole issue through every non magical means and nothings worked also nothing effects him its as if karma doesnt exist for him its like the horrible things he does benfits him and enrichs his life. He lives consequence free. Is it possible to bring deity into this? Would my goddess Hecate make him at least leave me alone forever? Does she see how much hes hurt me and others? I feel like I ve learned every possible thing I ve could've through all the pain and destruction hes caused. I am strong but I can't have him constantly screwing up my life. I need to make a clean break forever. So is there a magic way to fix this? Restore balance to this man that seems to be a kink in the universal balance?
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Re: those who hurt you
Post # 2
Indeed there is. hecate is helpful she helped me with a simular sitution. Also binding him could be used. Hecate likes fish and honey cakes as an offering.
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Re: those who hurt you
Post # 3
I know how you feel, I've dealt with that type. The best thing to do is distance yourself. Don't visit or talk on the phone., just don't associate with him. If that's truly not possible, either binding or write a spell specifically to protect you from him.
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Re: those who hurt you
By: / Novice
Post # 4
you can, just be careful what you wish for. you could do a spell to get him out of your life but if you word it wrong and it works, you could end up killing him instead of him moving away and you getting to live on your own. it comes down to intent and energy, but your wording is a major one too, like if you say

'i want him gone,
disappear never to return'

he could be kidnapped, get lost, go missing, so on. you can cast the spell, it'll be harder to do since it's involving another person, and it runs a higher risk of backfire, but it can be done.
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Re: those who hurt you
Post # 5
thank you for the replies. I m definitely letting Hecate in to help me at this time. She has helped greatly before and although letting her in is scary I know that this is what needs to be done if I ever want my life to get better.
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