immortal spell....

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immortal spell....
Post # 1
life lived,
life strong,
I live amongst the living,
I live amongst the dead,
this is the end of the spell,
I will live longer then time can tell,
let it be so,
so mote it be, so mote it be so mote it be!

Re: immortal spell....
Post # 2
Such spells don't work. The human body is incapable of living for an extended period of time. One can live for a hundred or so years, perhaps, but an eternity. We all age and die. It's a fact, albeit an unpleasant fact, of life. There is no magical or scientific means by which we can live forever or stay youthful forever. It's not going to happen.

Re: immortal spell....
Post # 3
Well that is not totally true if you can decode the ancient alchemaic texts you could make a philosiphers stone which can cure any sickness and grant immortality many people have used them but most get tired of life and stop making it so they will die

Re: immortal spell....
Post # 4
Not saying it's not true but if that were true everyone would be immortal or the people with cash would be. If someone could figure something like that out they would be selling it to make money.

Re: immortal spell....
Post # 5
That is why alchemists guard the secret with there lives. According from what i have been able to learn after the fall of sodom and gamora the alchemists decided the secret was to powerful and humans to corrupt so they would only share the secret with those who prove themselves worthy untill the golden age where darkness is no longer in the hearts of man. So the secret will be a secret for a while and to sell it would destroy the world economy cause it can be used to turn metals into gold. If the legends are true that is

Re: immortal spell....
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

You cannot become immortal.

Re: immortal spell....
Post # 7
what you say is partially true, and no offense but I do know many of the immortal arts, and I use even deeper and stronger magick to be immortal, but it's true most people die, and even the way I have learned how to be immortal I made a pact with satan and the gods through alchemy and other magicks to be immortal for a 1000 years, I have been shot, someone tried to cut off my head and it did not work, I mean the killing part, so I know immortality is possible, but I know everyone has to die, it's a part of nature, I use vampire demons, blood demons and immortality spells and satan to be immortal for the time period I want to live and it's all true, but even vampires die, that's why some if they want to live longer ask other vampires in a coven to ressurect them through ressurection spells, blood pacts or necromancy. so yeah I know it's a part of nature for someone to die, and I will eventually die as well after my 1000 years are up, but it's very possible and very real what I found out on my own through the enlightenment of immortal life.

Re: immortal spell....
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
What you're doing is roleplay, and it is not allowed on the site.

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