Tarot, Reversed

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Tarot, Reversed

Tarot, Reversed
Post # 1
Here lately all my cards have been coming in the reverse position. I have never had this happen before. Can you tell me why that might happen and how do I fix it if need be?
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Re: Tarot, Reversed
Post # 2

Okay, so when the majority of the cards while a reading are reversed tarot cards, it might be reflecting a significant amount of blocked energy belonging to the situation.
Probably, there is a high level of confusion and misinterpretation and most likely that you (the person who gets the reading) is not seeing the situation clearly.

While doing the reading, the reader (even when it comes to a situation of reading your own self) has to know that it might be mindful that the person who gets the reading may not be very receptive to some of the messages in the reading, particularly if these messages are not what they are expecting to hear. Afterwards, reversed cards encourage the client to reflect inwardly for guidance at this time.

A common interpretation of reversed cards I have read in a book is that they might signify that the person who gets the reading needs to return to their past to learn an important lesson, before being able to move forward. Ask yourself to reflect on what has been learnt from the past and consider how these lessons can be applied to the present and the future. By allowing yourself space and some time to reflect, you will gain greater clarity and will be able to take control of the path ahead.

I know very well that some say that in case that the entire reading is made up of reversed cards, its best to procrastinate the reading to another time. This is really wanted because either the Universe isnt ready to answer the question at hand or you, the person who gets the reading, aren't ready to hear the answer. I know that you might feel uncomfortable when I see a full reading having reversed cards and would love to just throw all the cards back into the deck and start doing the whole reading again. However, you have to fell that the Universe has presented those cards for a reason. Even if it signifies that there is a lot of blocked energy, confusion and misinterpretation, this in itself is an important message for you. This is an important message for you, and it actually worth the whole reading. You learn from your mistakes and get to know what to correct and do better.

Remember to lay out a new spread where the focus is on empowering you to overcome current challenges. I hope you will get something from all of this.

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Re: Tarot, Reversed
Post # 3
Nicely wirtten Aid ^_^
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Re: Tarot, Reversed
Post # 4
Thank you I will do that now and let you know the results.
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