I need help to learn how

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I need help to learn how
Post # 1
I need help to learn how to control my magic and that is hard because of my mom thinks that magic is the devil work and that her ability is to see into the future and she thinks that her gods willed to her. So I hide my ability from her because she it is stupid. Can any one help me with this please.
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Re: I need help to learn how
Post # 2
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "learn to control my magic," as magic is the natural energy in the world around us. We tap into it and impress our will upon it to bring about a desired change. It's not something that can be seen with the naked eye. It's something more ethereal or spiritual than it is physical.

I also doubt that your mother is "stupid. She has a differing viewpoint and said point of view should be respected whether you agree with it or not, as she is both your mother and elder.

If you wish to practice magic without her knowing you should be able to do so. You could practice when she is either not at home or asleep. You also don't necessarily need tools, as they are just a means to help you better focus on your intent. If you have proper visualization, rather if you have practiced it enough, you should be fine without tools.

My point is, try not to get to bent out of shape about it. If you don't tell her then she shouldn't find out that your views differ from hers, unless you practice right in from of her. I hid my beliefs from my father quite well when I was younger. I practiced while he was at work or asleep and I used candle and cord magic. Both of which can be easily hidden in plain sight and are easy forms of magic to learn.
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Re: I need help to learn how
Post # 3
i just started what spell would you reccomend for beginners
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Re: I need help to learn how
Post # 4
Ah, well then I retract me previous statement. The way it was written that's what it sounds like.

Haldrago, if you are new to magic the best thing you can do is start with your basics: meditation, visualization, grounding, centering, energy flow/control, correspondences, moon phases, etc. There is infroamtion on them in Newbie Central, Tips, and faqs on the home tab. You might also want to read through the featured articles section, which also contains useful infroamtion.

After you read through them, if you still have questions that you couldn't find the answer to, don't be afraid to ask them.
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