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Post # 1
If such powers existed then what are they exactly. What would give supernatural beings their strength, speed or magic powers? The fact is that the entire Universe exists within the mind of God so that is the source of all power including supernatural. God is the first and most powerful supernatural being and his power is his pure omnipotent thought. God most likely created beings of pure thought who then in turn gave lower beings access to the power of this thought. Although theoretically any sentient being can access this power as they themselves are composed of pure thought. So thought is indeed the source of supernatural power which means our own thoughts have the potential to be supernatural. I think we see hints of this in the so called placebo effect and various feats of strength explained as mind over matter. Someday we will uncover the hidden secrets of the human mind and access our true supernatural potential.
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Re: Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I wonder, would you mind doing a few things?

First, I'm curious as to your definition of "supernatural". How are you defining it in this situation?

Secondly, I realize that this is your opinion, but how would you explain this concept to someone that doesn't believe in or acknowledge your god? There are multiple perspectives to be considered.

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Re: Magic
Post # 3
All Gods exist,the one im talking about is the one who set everying in motion(Marcoverse).
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Re: Magic
Post # 4
Most but not all religions obviously believe in an over all god of some sort. A creator god. Now again this is a varied belief so each person will have their own opinion. I agree with the idea that our mind is our power but it is not the source of our power. If it was the world would be filled with tyrents and killers hell bent to domanate the world for we all can imagine ways of getting all the things that we want. The true power of our mind is in thinking outside the box. Refusing to conform to a situation just because someone else thinks that it is so and adapting and overcomeing all things where and if we can.
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