Taking it slowly.

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Taking it slowly.
Post # 1
I have performed many easy breakup spells.
My daughter is in a relationship but is clearly unhappy but will not admit to it.
She is so unhappy and yet last year when she met some new friends, a lovely young man in particular,she was a totally different girl. Now she is back with her first boyfriend her attitude has changed, she is moody and has signs of missing her friend who she was very fond of. She returned to the boyfriend because she had lost confidence in herself and everyone sees it.
At the moment, I am just doing easy breakup spells, such as chants and using pictures. Are these effective? When will I know that I should try something more?
I have had lots of tarot readings and since i have been performing and believing in these wishes and spells, the readings have been reflecting that.
I am just so desperate to see my daughter with someone who respects her and will love her.
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Re: Taking it slowly.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
As long as you have a strong intent and focus on the outcome that you are trying to achieve, then they should work. If you feel that you need to try something different then do so, but know that spells take time to work.

I know what you're going through and I know how hard it is to see someone you care about in a position like this, but sometimes these things need to run their course. My younger sister went through a similar situation and was with this particular individual for over a year before she had the courage and strength to finally leave him. Family and friends were their to help her through it and give her encouragement, but in the end it came down to her willingness and decision to finally end it and move on.

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Re: Taking it slowly.
Post # 3
thank you for your honest answer. I am not going to try to do anything nasty....just trying to hurry the inevitable ending. Its just hard, as you say, to watch it happening.
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Re: Taking it slowly.
Post # 4
Just be very careful,break up spells can backfire and if your daughter is strong willed or blinded by the illusion that having a boyfriend can bring happiness and can't see the fact that you are trying to help her,then it may bring negative energies and not help your relationship with your daughter.
But I do trust that everything is going to be just fine since you have a good intention.Blessed be and good luck :D.
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Re: Taking it slowly.
Post # 5
thank you. I do understand that magic must not be abused and cannot be used to solve everything. I wouldnt be breaking up a couple just to get am old boyfriend back for instance that ir messing with free will. You're support and blessing means a lot.
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Re: Taking it slowly.
Post # 6
You are very welcome :)
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