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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Pyrokinesis
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Post # 1
Hello, i am training pyrokinesis i am meditating on it by invoking the element of Fire...
My main question is How to make a fireball or something like this...
I will be glad if your answers are correct :) .

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 2
You can't. Magic can't make you shoot fireballs out of your hands. You might be able to do it on the astral plane but you're not going to be able to on the physical.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 3

I would suggest not doing it as it is a rather stupid endevour . All forms of kinesis ranges from hard to impossible and even though pyrokinesis is ranging near hard , it is seriously a time waster.

Things like shooting fireballs , lighting a fire and creating a spark out of nothing is simply not possible and the very most you can do is simply like raising a flame , enlarging and diminishing it via pushing your energy into it..what good does that do?

And you also cannot be sure whether it was your skill of energy who did it or was the wick or candle or other factors...that's why , I suggest anyone to give up any form of kinesis.

Also , yes , you can make a fireball , but it is not a actual , physical ball of fire. Rather , it is a ball mixed with some of fire's energy . For example , creating a psi/Ki/Chi Ball etc and imbueing it with some of fire's energy.

Nothing will happen and there is little difference except a different sensation you get from that particular energy construct. It is a simple exercise for intiates to start practicing kinesis and getting used to the energy of fire...but seriously , don't expect something being conjured etc , it is simply a energy construct in the shape of a ball , with some of fire's energies within

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 4
The closest i've heard of pyrokinesis doing on the pysical plaine is manipulating the flame on a candle,you might be able to use it to raise energy if you are into elemental magick and are doing something associated with the element fire,but nothing like you see in video games and comic books,sorry.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 5
Unless maybe you go to the astral plaine,like the person before me said.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 6
I've studied pyrokinesis for 5 years. You won't be able to create literal fire in a spherical form, but as they said above, you can create a ball of heat energy A.K.A a Fire PSI ball. I can teach you if you want.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 7

I would have to agree with DarkSphere, and along with approching magick with common sense. Common Sense must be applied. Otherwise you will be looked at in a odd way. And only spread false information. Just delete the T.v Shows and movies from your brain and think about approching magick in another manner.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 8

Thank you for agreeing with me LadyDemoness =)

Also , Firedragon12 , I have looked through your profile and i would also suggest you forget about learning umbrakinesis anddarazkinesis .

I mean controlling darkness physically for offense and attack? That is seriously really impossible and fluffy. Please forget about it . And for Darazkinesis , turning objects and buildings into dust? Another impossible ability.

There are limitations to what a human can do. You might ask , then how does this topics come about in the first place?

Every once in a while , someone would try to create his own form of kinesis and without even trying it out , post it all over the internet and so you get such crappy things. You know , I have even seem someone on this site claiming he invented NecroKinesis , to control the usual too much fluff..

The above mentioned kineisis will not work and lies directly on the scale of impossible.

Telekinesis is possible on some level , though i doubt one could ever do it fully. Well . I believe it is possible on some level . What I am trying to say is the energy spirits and non physical entities use to move objects.

Perhaps one can do it , but if one ever manages it , it is probrably because they manage to ascend in some degree to a higher level than another i assume.

Also i would like to say that aerokinesis is not possible. the amount of energy used to bring forth a gust of wind is unable for anyone to achieve. Some may believe that is possible as they think that they have managed to call forth a breeze , but to any of them that are reading this , I would challenge them to do so in a encolsed space , if they ever manage it , I appluad . but aerokinesis . in my eyes and the eyes of many others . remains a fluffy topic. As are most variants of kinesis , they are too.

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 9
You all are wrong. And about darazkinesis too. Like i said i practice umbrakinesis. Yea and i did it. I bend light and turn into darkness... And i don't think magick and kinesis are 1...
Kinesis is normal thing which every human can do. And about darazkinesis yea i did the exercises. And after i meditate for about 20 min i touched my pencil i didn't press it at all i just touched it and it broke into 4 parts. when it happened i felt unusual energy flowing trough my hands... And all those things are trough even if they are false if you believe that you can do it You can so... Don't give me advises like this won't work that won't work it's impossible... NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ON THIS WORLD ! don't make me say bad things about you so... If you will continue writing stupid things like this better go find another topic on the forums and write your false info there you Wiccans !

Re: Pyrokinesis
Post # 10
He is right, if you know that e=mc^2 then nothing is impossible, if any magic is possible, else magic is simply nothing_

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