sorcery spell tree....

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sorcery spell tree....
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Sorcery spell to summon the tree spirit, first thing you need is either a sword, athame, wand or just your finger, you may also may wish to not even use any of those items if you do not have them, the important thing is energy and your strength in your words, first point towards the east and walk in a circle seven times, each time you make a circle say " I summon the tree spirit" and speak to the tree spirit with strength in your voice or as if you are speaking to someone or towards something, look each time inside the circle, after you have done this at the last circle you make point towards the east and then create a energy ball inside the circle, if you have a sword or wand or athame then make a circle in the air pointing towards the east or with your finger, if you just wish to create a energy orb then that's fine too, after you created the energy ball you can put a pyramid energy inside the orb, give the energy ball life and energy, then tell the tree spirit what you want to happen, then say " Release this energy into the world and let my will be done" then tell the tree spirit " I release you into the world to do my bidding" then after that the spell is done and it should or will become true, remember sorcery use the power of seven, seven has a strong power because seven is a bigger number than three, and seven in christian lore was when after God created everything and rested on the seventh day it was believed to control satan or all the spirits of creation in sorcery in some types of sorcery or to bind satan, in some other beliefs seven was just a lucky number, some viewed it as a powerful number, some believed it was just a completion of seven days in a week, so some people believed the spell would last a week, or 7 months, or seven years. So whatever you believe the power of seven has then that's what it's for you, whatever satisfies you.
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Re: sorcery spell tree....
By: Moderator / Adept
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