Samhain Ritual?

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Samhain Ritual?
Post # 1
Hi ya'll

I was wondering if theres any samhian rituals i can perform with my witch circle without using any candles.

I know its a little early to start planning but my parents hate witchcraft and im trying to figure out somthing easy without them knowing. This year alot of People/pets ive known have passed away so hopefully its a good ritual.

our circle only has 3 people in it including myself and we are doing the ritual outside in a bush so i dont want to light candles for safety reasons.
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Re: Samhain Ritual?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well, candles or flashlights or something would help you to see outside if you're doing it at night [my Samhain circle is pretty much an night celebration, we go outside in the morning and have the night circle inside] bring a jack-o-lantern maybe for decoration and for seeing if you want. for my Samhain circle, candles aren't that important, we have the three candles on the alter and the four on the ground, but that's it. we do have this tradition in the morning circle, we write a resolution on a piece of paper [be it a bad habit, or a wish] and we burn it in the cauldron.

other non-candle things, ouija board and pendulum work to talk with our spirit friends, also we have a big meal, and set a few extra seats for them. if you want you can welcome the departed spirits to join you for the night, you should. light some incense for them would be nice too. this year, since some of my coven members have lost loved ones they're bringing a picture of them.

i don't really have fancy circles, we say a speech, meditate, then communicate with spirits and joke around. maybe it's wrong, but Samhain, we find, should be a fun time. it's usually more reserved for Imbolc and Mabon, Yules another fun one.
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Re: Samhain Ritual?
Post # 3
you cold have a dead dinner you make food set places set an extra space for the spirits to come and you have pictures of lost loved ones or personal belongings and you can talk about your favorite memory but after you could use an electric candle to put in your window so the spirits can find their way back
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Re: Samhain Ritual?
Post # 4
those are splendid ideas thank you guys! :)
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