Relationship Problem!!!!

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Relationship Problem!!!!
Post # 1
I am in relationship with that girl and I don't know .. I need an advice or a spell . I love her , alot and like a crazy person , but One thing she does lately is that she replies with a word and max five words and doesn't show the love she used to show but here is one thing that made me think. Yeasterday she didn't go to school because she was sick but she was on skype and I pm'ed her and we talked a little ( nearly 2 mins ) and she said " Okay. Gtg" I said okay baby becareful and I went to watch The Walking Dead on my pc . I noticed that after 2 hours She logged back on skype and didn't talk to me . She did it again and after 30 minutes and she basically IGNORED ME ... What should I do ?
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Re: Relationship Problem!!!!
Post # 2
Sort it out by non magickal means. If she doesn't want you anymore thats her choice. It is hard but you have two options

1) Make her interested again by non magickal means and without abusing her free will. Or just talk to her.

2) Forget her and move on.

She might just need space, you can get sick of seeing the same person, after a little break you can't wait to to see them.

Whilst I say don't take away her free will that does not mean you cant use a bit of the energies for example give her roses (the flowers of Venus goddess of love), on a Friday (Venus' day) either at 01.00,13.00,08.00,20.00 these are the hours of venus.

That way any love energy which you both have will be at their highest and so you will get the greatest response.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Relationship Problem!!!!
Post # 3
Magic isn't the answer talk to her,ask her why...

With magic you would actually disturb the free will of hers and that is forbidden in magic,the Gods would not like that at all.

I know how it's like my last relationship ended similarly to that,if you have a best friend or a friend who is good to you but knows her better,ask that friend how is she doing,where she was on that and that time,but ask nicely so you would be suspicious and do everything by being nice and you might as well find out what is going on.
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Re: Relationship Problem!!!!
Post # 4
P.S. hecate0987 makes an excellent point.
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