Am I going insane?

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Am I going insane?
Post # 1
I dont see dead ppl but i know when they are around me. The moon calls my name while the sun energizes me. Lights constantly flicker around me my dreams always come true. I know and sense things about ppl when i just met them a minute before and if i Wish hard enough for something it tends to happen. When i look at someones palm i see their life and know thier innermost secrets. PPle are freaked out by me when i hold ther hand in mine and know thier question before they ask. Since i am a child i have been drawn to the outer realm (thats what i call it)and was different than most. Lately i see white flashes before me and images pop into my head and later i see the same images in real time.Every time i try to concetrate on any of the above mentioned things i get block and i feel like something (i think evil)is in my way. I am afraid to cast any type of spell due to the fact thta the only spell i ever tried was 12 years ago for fun and it worked. I feel i opened up something that day and have been ruuning since from it . I was raised catholic and believe in God so these things of course scare the hell out of me. But now I cannot put off or hide anymore and the light thing is really starting to freak me out. I know there is more out there I know that the energy in our universe is powerful... I know ppl have special gifts I just dont think I am one of them.If I am it scares me.....Maybe I am just going crazy please someone let me know if any of these things have happened to you and if its normal or should i go on meds that my Dr suggests.
Thank You
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Re: Am I going insane?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Am I going insane?
Post # 3
From what you explained it seems like your a psychic. I went through a lot of the same things when I was younger so if you need someone to help you I'll be happy to.
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