Dream Visualization

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Dream Visualization
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I stand on the cliff of the real. The days events surrounding me. A sound comes over them all, that of running water. A nearby fast moving stream runs past and off a cliff. I run towards the cliff leaving the world behind and jump off. As I fall exhilaration takes over as I speed towards the pool at the bottom. Just before I hit, I pullup and fly away from the water, over the tops of trees, sometimes my friends fly beside me and sometimes im alone but it always ends there as I fly into the sunlight. Because I am asleep by that point.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? What do you use?
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Re: Dream Visualization
Post # 2
Dreams can sometimes show you or tell you symbolically what might happen,runnig water may symbolize the running stream of life,it means something in your life is running away you jump off cause you want to experience something you want to experience the stream,the stream is fast moving so you want your life to go faster that is your wish,your hidden wish,When you fall it says that you need to fall and the part where you say "Just before I hit, I pullup and fly away from the water" it can also mean the downfall and before you hit the bottom where you can't continue anymore it says that you will avoide a bad situation, and the friends part tells you to rely on your friends cause they will sometimes help you fly off and the part where you fly into the sunlight it means you still have to reach the very top of your life and that the shiniest moment has yet to happen...
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Re: Dream Visualization
Post # 3
So it means to tell you that if you fall you will still reach your top,that means you will not fail in what you are doing well not completely.
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Re: Dream Visualization
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I appreciate the interpretation however, this is visualization is how i get to sleep. but you are fairly correct the running water does represent running away from the real. and i truly hope you are right about the shiniest moment.

may all your wishes come true but one so that you still have something to wish for.
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Re: Dream Visualization
By: / Novice
Post # 5
in my opinion, i think this is just a way for your conscious mind to fall into a sleep state since this is just a visulization. I forget what its called, but it reminds of the method used for putting your body to sleep, but your mind stay conscious. like practicing lucid dreaming. do you dream after wards? How often do you lucid dream?

if i were in your position, the next time this happens, try to take more control of it and see where you go. And always always always right down reults =] they'll help you in your future dream journies and interpetations.
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