magick mirror? help!

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magick mirror? help!
Post # 1
Hello everyone, could someone please explain what the difference is between a magick mirror and a normal mirror? and what a magick mirror looks like? also what are your experiences with using a magick mirror, any good spell ideas?
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Re: magick mirror? help!
Post # 2

You can use a regular mirror you have and use it for scrying reasons by charging it with your energies and using it for Divination purposes.

Mirrors are one of the simplest and yet most effective tools for developing psychic skills for divination and magic. Mirror work trains the inner eye to perceive the unseen. The power of mirrors or any reflective surface to reveal what is hidden has been known since ancient times. Also remember that Divination itself is a concept of drawing information from a higher source, the world around you, or from deep within yourself to attain knowledge of what is not obvious or directly seen, learned or is simply in front of you.

Please search in Google or here for articles about scrying mirrors, as we call it in divination.
Remember that many tools in the daily life which you call "normal" or "regular" can be charged with energies and used for magickal purposes such as Divination, spells casting, ritual performing, etc.

There are many methods of using mirrors for magickal purposes, such as making a black mirror ( you can take a simple mirror, charge it with your energies and make it black. you do not need a special mirror or something ) . As I said, you can search for many of them.

But if used daily, this is just a mirror. You can see it in your house, outside your house, etc. Many things depend on the purpose they are used for and not only about how they look and what they are called.

So you can take the object you call "normal" or "regular" , and use it for magickal purposes such as Divination. Same idea with many other objects you see daily. They look just like mirrors you call "regular" or "normal", but their uses are different and with other meaning and reason.

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