The Chakras.

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The Chakras.
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Many people ask in the chat, what are chakras? Today, I am here to give you some insight on what they are and what they do.

What is a Chakra?

- A chakra is a pinpoint of energy of which our energy system is composed. They serve as energy points, pathways, and valves. The Chakras are not physical things, however they relate to certain physical parts of the body.

I will now name the Chakras and their properties from the top down.

CROWN CHAKRA: It is located at the top of the head. It is often associated with violet. It's planet is Uranus and it's crystal is Amethyst. It is known to help with thought and intuition. Balancing this Chakra will help with psychic abilities. It's element is Air.

BROW CHAKRA/ THIRD EYE: Located in the center of the forehead, above or between the brows.Associated with Indigo. It's planet is Jupiter, and it's crystal is Lolite. It is know for seeing and intuition. Balancing this chakra helps with the pineal gland, creativity, and helps psychic perception. It's element is Air.

THROAT CHAKRA: Located in the throat area. It's color is a Bright Blue. It's planets are Mercury and Neptune. Crystals are Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, and Lapis Lazuli. Balancing this chakra helps with communication and speech. It's element is Water.

HEART CHAKRA: Located in the center of the chest. It's color is Green and it's planet is Venus. Stones are Rose Quartz, Peridot, and Malachite. Balancing this chakra is helpful for the Heart, circulatory system, and thymus. Associated with Love. It's element is Water.

SOLAR PLEXUS: Located above Naval area. It's color is yellow, and it's planet is Mars, and it's star is the Sun. It's crystals are Topaz, Amber, and Citrine. Blancing this chakra helps with eeasing tension and stress. It's element is Fire.

SACRAL CHAKRA: Located in the lower abdomen or genital area. It's color is orange and celestial body is the Moon. It's Crystals are Coral and Carnelian. Balancing this chakra helps with sexual vitality, physical power, and fertility. It's element is Fire.

ROOT CHAKRA: Located at the base of the spine. It's color is Red and is associated with Saturn and Earth. It's crystals are Ruby, Onyx, Obsidian, and Garnet. Balancing this Chakra helps with Grounding, Overall health of Physical body, and controls fear. It's element is Earth.

SOURCES: Awakening Your Seven Major Chakras by Clyde.

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