Dreams are a message?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dreams are a message?

Dreams are a message?
Post # 1
I heard that if you have a dream about someone you tought before you go to sleep then you dream about them and that means they were thinking of you also. Is that true? I wonder about what's real what's not awaiting a sign from the clouds. If you are wondering the clouds tell me things like one day there was a blood red boney hand and someone died that day. There was also a cloud that looked like a herd Of people. And there was a massacre that day.
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Re: Dreams are a message?
Post # 2

The dream thing is caused by you thinking about that person before you went to sleep, there is no way to tell if they were thinking about you as well unless you ask. About the clouds, I'm not sure on that.

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Re: Dreams are a message?
Post # 3
yes ive herd that before. Some say its a myth but i think its real in some ways because i dream of my friends then i asked them the nextday and they were thinking about me, so stuff like that does happen.

same with your cloud thing. Its like a vision of the furture you dream something then it happens, works for me all the time. But be realistic...if you dream of meeting a superstar chances are your not. lol
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Re: Dreams are a message?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
that's interesting, so all those times i've dreamt of celebrities, they were thinking of me too, i knew Andrew Francis felt the same lol.

seriously, it is a neat myth, i don't believe it 100% but i have heard of dream spells you can cast before bed so you dream of someone, you make them dream of you, or even your dream self entering their dreams [that one i think would be tricky] there's this manga i love, it's a series of one shot stories about a magic shop in the evening sky that can grant any wish in the world in exchange for something dear to you. well, the last story, the shop owner gave this girl 3 candies, each night before going to bed, she would think of someone she would want to be, and when she went to sleep, she would be that person in her crushes dreams, like a movie star for example. the point is, i've come across some interesting stories and idea's surrounding people meeting in dreams.

in regards to your cloud comment though, i have heard of people reading cloud formations to make predictions, normally though they involve the weather. my great gram taught me a lot of them. that fish scale one i never got, but i've always been able to tell when it will or won't rain thanks to her. if you feel you're able to predict the future with the clouds, try looking into it, every morning [or when you're off to school or something] look at the clouds, and try to write down three predictions. this tends to help people who are working on psychic abilities, might help you out in some way.
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Re: Dreams are a message?
Post # 5
Thanks for all your opinions. I think the clouds tell the future in one way.
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