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Post # 1

This is a Forum on Smudging. I will guide you on how to smudge your space to rid it of any negative energies you may have clinging to your space.

To Cleanse Your Space:

-The Easiest way I find to do this is smudging. Smudging, is the a way to cleanse a space spiritually of negative energies and allow positive energies to flow in.

-For Smudging, I recommend Dragon's Blood incense sticks, or White sage. However you can use Cedar, or Sweet grass if you'd like.

- A good thing to do is to clean your space of any clutter, messes, etc.

-To smudge, you can buy a smudge stick of white sage, or just get some dried white sage and place it in a bowl about halfway full with salt or sand. Ceramic is the best way to go, and stray away from plastics since they melt. Open a window as an escape for the negative energies. Now light your smudging stick, incense, etc. Wait until you see smoke and start fanning it carefully around the space. Visualize the smoke moving the Negativity out through the window, and the white Positivity in. As you are smudging, you may want to say a little blessing, prayer, etc.

- Once done, ( optional ) you can bless the room with charged sun or moon water, or salt water.

SOURCES: The Smudging Ceremony by Adriene Borden and Steve Coyote.

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Re: Smudging.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Nice post Hexen:)I enjoyed reading it.
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Re: Smudging.
Post # 3
I love this!! :)
I had white sage before my father caught me burning it and I was smudging without even knowing it :) I love the fact that I know so much, but so clueless because I don't know the names! :P
Thanks Feuer :)
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Re: Smudging.
Post # 4
how silly of me, i had forgotten i could smudge with sweet grass.. that was my a-ha moment.. as i used to it years ago.. my place needs a good smudging to get rid of the negative mojo..
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Re: Smudging.
By: / Novice
Post # 5
When doing the whole house, you should start at the open window or door, and go counter clockwise around each room. Then end up at the opening to let all the neg out.
You can do this with besom too, leaving the besom at the opening to kind of guard the place. I have one hanging beside my door. after "sweeping" out the negative. Just some added info. Blessed Be...
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