Winterspell's Basic Guide

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Winterspell's Basic Guide
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Let's roll. Before anything, this is not a guide from a supreme master or anything like this. I'm new to magic as well. This guide, is what I did, and trying to get your own path set, or follow this set up. This is is what I did, do, study.

-Part 1-

You decided to start dabbling in magic! What a great thing. But you are still unsure if you can believe it, or how people around you, such as family and friends will react to it.

Step 1= Relax. And leave doubts.

This is the first and probably and everlasting thing you have to do in your magical life. Relaxing, and leaving doubts. If your family is not allowing magic, practise in your broom closet! Meaning secretly.

First thing a lot of people think, is "I'll cast a spell to see if it works or not..."


People who wanted to believe after trying failed. People who believed and tried succeed. Magic has this unbreakeble rule. The real things that make your magic work is intent, emotion and will.

Intent: What do you want this spell to accomplish? Bring more wealth? Being more lucky? Being more succesful in life, school, work? Decide this first.

Emotion: You need to feel the right emotion first for the spell. You can't be angry while casting a love spell, gosh. e.e

Will: Self-explaining. Will, do you really believe in this spell? Or you are just casting it for the heck of it? If you are casting it for the heck of it, it will not work, I'm sure of it.

Step 2: Tools and Basics.

Whenever you ask "Beginner spells" in forums or chatters, it is very likely you will be told to learn basics. Basics are a must. There is no skipping them.


  1. Moon Phases.
  2. Color, Incense, Herb, Stone, Day, Month correspondances.
  3. Meditation.
  4. Raising and controlling energy, chakras.
  5. Grounding.
  6. Intent, Will and Emotion.
  7. Tools and Altar.
  8. Belief.
  9. Casting a circle.
  10. Cleansing.

Step 3: Tools.

Do you know basic tools that a witch/mage/w/e you call yourself, must use? They are not required. But they make things very, very easy. So in this guide, which is for beginners like me to get better, these tools are required.

  1. Wand and/or Athame.
  2. A book of shadows.
  3. Chalice.
  4. Blessed sea salt.
  5. Altar.
  6. Candles. Better if you have a very colorful array of candles.
  7. Elemental symbols. Chalice for water. Blessed seal salt or stone(s) for earth. Candles or a dragon statue for fire and feather or incense for air. You might place this to each corner of your altar. Or just keep it in there. Personally, I use Chalice for top left. Feather for top right corner. Candles for bottom left and some stones that I sprinkled some salt for bottom right corner of my altar. You might also use these in your circle casting to symbolize elements.

Part 2 = Belief, Religion and Path.

A lot of people out there you will see that have a patron god and/or goddess they work with. Some people work with Egypt deities while some do Celtic ones. It doesn't matter. Will you believe and follow a deity? Here we go!

Part 1: Look for Signs:

You might be into a deity so much. But this doesn't mean that s/he wants to work with you, or even noticed you. When you start practicing magic, your senses to other worlds become more and more open, causing deities to sense you. If they notice and want to be a part of your life, they might send you some signs.

These signg can differ from thing to thing. S/he might come to you trough dreams, which in case might need you to study dream re-call. Some might come during meditation. The article where I orginally readed this from (Credits will be given) said that, a deity came to the person trough smell. She would smell cinnamon in very unlikely places where she searched and found that cinnamon was used in rituals for Lilth. You might also found a rare stone or get it as a gift. Search who it is associated with. Like rose quartz, Gaia.

If you understand that a deity wants to work with youi but you don't, don't be afraid to reject them. Simply telling them that you do not want to work with them and telling them to leave their energies from around you during a small meditation will help.

Some deities might also want to test you. If these tests are too harsh, tell them to buzzer off again. If you think you are being tested, of course.

For the time being, just work with mother earth.

Part 2: Rules.

Does your magic has rules? Or do you follow a traditions rules. Your magic well... Not a must but should have rules. If you don't have rules, how will you know that you don't have pass them?

Part 3: Schedule and Exercise.

Give yourself a daily schedule! Like at mornings, before work/school, meditation. Or after it. Try to make it fit for your day and follow this schedule.

Also, exercise your body. No, not because to be fit or look good. Exercising makes stress go away and makes you more healthy. Making your magic somewhat stronger and effective.


"How To Find Your Patron God and Goddess" by NanLT

Last Words:

As I said before. This is only a guide for starting and to give you ideas to make your own path, or have an idea where to start. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask them here. I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

Remember tho, I'm also just a beginner!

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Re: Winterspell's Basic Guide
Post # 2
great post!
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Re: Winterspell's Basic Guide
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
This is actaully a really good post, so good job! (:

To add a little, taking a walk outside is also good to connect with nature spirits, if you're planning in working with them that is. Just taking a few walks each week for a month will most likely make them interested in you, and if you tried it would make it a lot easier to connect with them, rather than in front of a computer in your house.

I also want to add that eating healthy helps a lot, not just because it's good for the body, but it's also good with helping you focus and concentrate. If you want to meditate but always have a busy mind, eating healthy helps a lot with keeping the storm clouds in your mind become peaceful ones. Then it won't take as long to relax and clear your thoughts easier.

Hope this helps a little for all of those beginning as well.
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Re: Winterspell's Basic Guide
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Thank you everyone for the nice comments. ^^ I tried to be helpful, and make a debate in the site, some what. :)

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Re: Winterspell's Basic Guide
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing.

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Re: Winterspell's Basic Guide
Post # 6
It's nice for a newby like, i copy it!
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Re: Winterspell's Basic Guide
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

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Re: Winterspell's Basic Guide
Post # 8
Thanks a lot for the advice! :)
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