Hello and help needed

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Hello and help needed
Post # 1
Hi all thanks for letting me join this site . I often come to sites like this for good luck chants or some thing that can perhaps make life a bit better.
I have had so much bad luck in the last four years and to be honest I have never led a lucky life where things come easy , but I just dont get it can people be so unlucky.
In the last four years my bad luck as hit a all time high.
I lost my thirteen years old son on a accident and the pain i feel on a daily basis is just awful.Six months later my dad passes too . Then a cat we took in was killed by two dogs that entered my home and killed , then my other cat was hit by a car weeks later now my dog who belonged to me late son was ran over . My family just seem to have many problems and i just dont understand. Nothing that has happened can match loosing my son but i often get the feeling some thing isnt quite right. I even feel some days some thing I have done has created all this bad luck. May be I am a bit paranoid I dont know but would love some thing good to come my way. Thanks all just for reading this but help is seriously needed x
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Re: Hello and help needed
Post # 2
Could be a number of things giving you such bad luck. A curse, A malevolent spirit, karma from a past life, or even you're own manifestations believe it or not. Try cleansing your house and then yourself. Use sage to cleanse the house and do a cleansing meditation for yourself. You'd be surprised how well these two things work.
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Re: Hello and help needed
Post # 3
Oh and do the meditation every day. Meditations can be found on this site. There's a lot of information here.
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Re: Hello and help needed
Post # 4
Thanks for your replies I will definitely try the sage and mediation x
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