Protection from bad spiri

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Protection from bad spiri
Post # 1
My friend and I would like to summon a ghost. We are both begginers in magic. Before we summon the ( with the ouija board) I would like to do a protection spell. I wanna protect myself from a bad spirit or bad ghost in case I accidently summon one. Iv never actually had any experience with ghosts.
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Re: Protection from bad spiri
Post # 2
How about you not summon a ghost until you've been in the craft for a while.. Beginners in magick should hold off on things like this especially anything having to do with an ouija board.
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Re: Protection from bad spiri
Post # 3
Tank you for the advice!
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Re: Protection from bad spiri
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

I would do study, because you shouldn't jump into things you don't know about. Especially with spirits, because they're human beings and they have their own wills and will do what they want. First off, I would do more than a protection spell. Sometimes spirits don't want to be summoned, and then you bring them and they're really grumpy or you could even bring something negative unintentionally. You could use sea salt, cast a circle, and have smudge sticks just in case.

About spirits though, the best thing to do is have respect for everything you encounter. Even if you're scared, don't be rude in any way or you're asking for trouble. If something comes and you don't want it there, kindly tell it to leave. If they're stubborn, then make them go. You don't have to be in a bad situation if you don't want to be.

Besides that though, a lot of spirits are really nice and can help a lot with magick and can provide a lot of knowledge. I know people who have been friends with certain spirits for years.

I hope this gives at least the basics of what you need to know, but make sure to do some research! I hope things go well for you (:

Love, light, and blessings! )O(

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Re: Protection from bad spiri
Post # 5
first you must strengthen your mind concentration before you summoning them, second you shouldn't let your awareness down in summoning or after summoning, third Good moral is your best protection, fourth you can't use any spells unless you are strong enough to cast a spell to work
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