Anti-Love Spell?

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Anti-Love Spell?
Post # 1
I sounds horrible but its for my friends own safety. They will both get hurt in the end of it all if i dont do anything.

You see my friend Josiah is madly in love with my friend Domi (and since they are both my friends im in the middle of this) Domi barley knows josiah exsists and she hates him and think hes a creep. She also has a boyfriend. Everyone has tried telling Josiah but you cant stop love, domi also has a love charm put on her and boys go running all the time.

I just want to do this for there own safety talking to both of them dosent work they both get mad anyways and Josiah is almost getting obbsessed with her

PLEASE I need an anti-love spell!
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Re: Anti-Love Spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I am sorry, but this goes against my ethics. Casting a spell to influence the lessons that may be learned from this experience is wrong. This is something Josiah needs to go through, in my opinion. As his friend, I would suggest talking to him about his affection, and just being there for him. If he wants the spell cast on him, mention it, and if he says yes then I would say it is fine to cast the spell, however, if he says no, let it be. If you cannot establish communication with josiah about this, then take that as a no, and let it be. I understand your concern, and I gurantee he appreciates how much you care for him.

This is alos a terrible thing to wish on sombody. Love is a vital emotion in everyones life, and it is the emotion linked with the heart chakra. By even wishing this upon somebody, it could throw them out of balance internally, and can cause some major depression. This is just a bad idea altogether. Sorry.

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