Dream into anothor world

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Dream into anothor world
Post # 1
--I was going to write demensions but it didn't fit--
So lately I've found myself having very strange dreams. I would try to astral project but then end up falling asleep. Now, my mind would still be focused on leve the body. So I would sleep for what feels like 1 second then wake up in some weird place. I can feel everything and smell everything. But when I try to get up I feel like I'm held down. I've seen some bird things fly above me but I still couldn't get up. I don't. Know what was happening but I would sit there for what felt like hours until I'd feel shaking. Then I'd suddenly fall asleep and wake up what felt like 1 second later again. I'd wake up to my dad shaking me saying "it's time to go to school!" (I'm 17)
Does anyone here know whats going on? It's not the astral plane becouse it looks a lot diffrent. So any thoughts or personal experiences simalar to this one?
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Re: Dream into anothor world
Post # 2
It sounds like while you are traveling to other plains that do exist, maybe not the astral plain but you are definitely going somewhere. It is possible though that you are not completely slipping into your subconscious completely, meaning your still focusing too much on the physical world limitations on some level. Hence the reason you feel "bound". You are still young but from the sound of your progress you are really getting there in developing with this. My suggestion is, next time you feel yourself "bound" and unable to get up just relax and breathe and start slow as you focus on each limb and move it one at a time. Also, sometimes where you go depends on random thoughts of some places that may pop into your mind or if your thoughts tend to wander. Just be careful on wandering to far into certain places you do not know well. Always tread with caution :) I hope I helped some
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