Hexed or Cursed?

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Hexed or Cursed?
Post # 1
Recently I have been having a bad run of luck (?). it seems every time some thing good comes my way I have bad things happen. one problem and it just seems to snowball from there. I guess my question is this, how can I tell if I am hexed or cursed?
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Re: Hexed or Cursed?
Post # 2
I think you've said it sister. Yup. Snap your fingers on this one. Well, 13 is my middle name, apparently. Either I find destruction or I seemingly stumble upon those who are having trouble with destruction. Well, change should be the word, like the feeling I get when I pick up an obsidian stone; yeah change. Uncomfortable obsidian is, but change is good. To me, black obsidian brings things to the surface. Its like a Thompson machine gun, a stick of dynamite and as surfacing, and as sporadic, as the volcano it came out of. Obsidian seems to give me bad luck, when really I am facing my problems. Black obsidian could be the case, but I just mentioned that stone because it reminds me and feels like the spitting image of the number 13. One word: fruition. I love that stone and dislike it both.

I will get straight to the point. One can generally tell if they are under a hex or a curse, if they have eerie and odd things happen to them, over a span of time, with consistency. Which of course, you have explained and proclaimed.

A person can hex and or cast a curse on a target if they have have that persons date of birth and name, an object if that person; such as, hair, clothes anything; or by sending or throwing the after math of a ritual working to the target, either I by mail or onto the property. They could also just need to know what you look like. If they were creative enough and knew what they were doing, they can basically send you consistent curses through an email, in the form of a haiku poem, that they originally put on a ISBN drive that they took through a ritual and embedded negative energy into it. Then from that ISBN drive it could be sent out, but that is thinking too deep.

Did you get anything weird in the mail and touch it? Like what would seem as the remains of any kind of ritual work? May be check if there is any kind of odd disposed ritual remains in your yard? It could be anything, but don't touch it; pick it up with a stick if you do find some sort of voodoo in your yard.

Do you find yourself having a hard time sleeping at night? Does it feel as if you're being watched, at night? Have you had any recent vivid night-terrors? Does it feel like your health is failing you? Are you having mood swings, out of the ordinary?

Above all, are any of your friends concerned about you, or have they said they've noticed anything changing about you?

Well, yeah curses are bad luck. It is negative influence and the breaking of ones will and mind, and possibly the fruition towards some sort of ill fate, but altogether: change.

I would cast a cleansing spell before you sleep, because when a person is sleeping that is when he or she is most vulnerable to the psychic plane. That is also when a malicious caster likes to lay their seeds, while you sleep. I would also try lighting a candle and incense, because the incense is like substance. It takes up space in your favor, and the candle, for your guides or deities.

If things feel really bad, while you are sleeping or trying to sleep, you can try a shaman trick I learned. You just stab your pillow with any sort of sharp instrument, while saying a chant you feel will suffice, but say it with authority. Or you can simply say, "in the name of (deity's name). The last I heard of this, in its action, the sender ended up with almost severe bleeding. It is just metaphysical defense out of practicality. You may destroy a pillow, but what's fifteen units of measurement, when the circumstances aren't measurable?

Well, it's priceless is what it is. And you just may be more likely to find out the next day who may have been cursing you, or who has cast a curse upon you. I don't know. There are tons of banishing rituals out there.
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Re: Hexed or Cursed?
Post # 3
Look at the bright side, in life's situation you can actually use a wand to fix its problems. Blessings, Dreaming. And good Luck!
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Re: Hexed or Cursed?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

You may not be cursed at all. This could just be the normal balance of life's ups and downs. The reason it seems like you are cursed or that things seem to snowball could be that you are dwelling on the negativity which in turn draws more negativity to you. I suggest meditation to help you through this. You may have a balance issue which meditation will help you to understand and deal with. Work on your chakras, opening and aligning them. You may even want to cleanse yourself with a ritual bath prior to meditation.

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Re: Hexed or Cursed?
Post # 5
Or that too. I forget we sometimes dwell on our own fears, that it basically manifests itself into our own reality. Negative mind sets can be just as manifesting and pervasive as positive meditation.
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Re: Hexed or Cursed?
Post # 6
Thanks for all the help! I am going to try a cleansing bath tonight and try to do a deeper meditation.sleep has always been an issue with me, I have had insomnia since I was a youngster but will defiantly try some of the suggestions and look into a calming spell.
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Re: Hexed or Cursed?
Post # 7
I believe amethyst is said to help with insomnia. I also think smoky quartz would be a great stone. It is very relaxing.

Surely it sounds like meditation will get you back into your darma.
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