Is the slender man real?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Is the slender man real?

Is the slender man real?
Post # 1
Or is he fake?
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Re: Is the slender man real?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

He is a fictitious creature created by a forum website in a contest. More information here:

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Re: Is the slender man real?
Post # 3
That sounds like a philosophically rhetorical question, with metaphor. Lol! I can just picture what my kids would respond. All cute little funny answers.

What is the description of the slender man, or concept?
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Re: Is the slender man real?
Post # 4
From stories, from my youth, that character closely resembles a creature known as, the blanket-man. He is said to take children who are literally lost, and before the blanket-mans taking, he asks, 'Salt or pepper?' to the child. If the child answers salt, the blanket-man let's the youngster go. If the child answers, pepper, the blanket-man takes the child, to never be found again. These stories would be about children who would play games, after dark, when the children shouldn't be playing out.

Interestingly enough, it seems as though this blanket-man may be paying attention to his biblical apocrypha. I say that because of the whole thing about being the salt and the light of the earth. You see a child is already pure and innocent, with a light of innocence, but does the child have the knowledge behind a holy meaning? Being that the child is already pure and innocent, but does that child know the the difference in the riddle? If the child would say salt, then that means the child basically said he is of joy, yet his joy goes a long way. It takes more pepper to add taste to a meal. And the very structure of a salt crystal is actually cube like. A cube is equal on its faces, is considered one of five perfect solids, associated with the number four, which basically symbolizes the essence of creation, which symbolizes solidity, stability, truth and matter and it folds out to a cross, and it has six faces, which six is a perfect number. And pepper is considered ordinary compared to salt, because it takes more pepper than it does salt to add taste to mommas cooking.

Generally a child is already innocent and pure at heart, and they let their light naturally shine, but what it is that they don't know is that their joy is extraordinary and can go a long way. They don't necessarily need to understand that they are the salt of the earth, but that they have joy and love and state it.

So in this case, the unfortunate and unsuspected child would need or want to say, salt, when answering to the blanket-man. The light is the knowledge and the joy, but the salt is the action and proclamation of that knowledge, or the substance.

What I really wanted to point out that where I am from, immigrants from the Philippines, shared similar descriptions of the blanket-man. Of course, the only way that they were to tell the story was because one of their children was asked the same question, by one of these blanket-men, and was obviously let go.

Well, the reason they call this thing, the blanket-man, is because when he finds a child he wraps his black cloak around them. Even if the child gives the right answer, the child still has to wait until sunrise, before the child is released.

Isn't that funny, even dark and mysterious things have a waiting line. Why children? What the better than something so sweet and innocent to ruin, or at least that is the idea and mindset of the blanket-man.

In a sense, if relating to the blanket-man with the slender man, yes, some think it is or they are real.

Can someone share something about pepper?
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Re: Is the slender man real?
Post # 5
Correction, lights the joy, but the salt is the knowledge and action.
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Re: Is the slender man real?
Post # 6

I know there is a German entity related to the Slender Man. I know the slender man is most likely ficticious. The German entity is called der grossman and is related to the bogeyman.

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Re: Is the slender man real?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
I am from the Philippines. Not too open minded the people here. I have heard the Slender man mythos for some time now and I love how many or most of the people have a variety of understanding to the subject. Their thoughts and presumptions of the subjects aren't even related to the original myth, Creativity and Curiosity, both characteristics of a magickal practitioner and a studious scientist, for isn't magick science itself? I have to admit, the first time I heard about the myth kind of creeped me out. It wasn't the myth that spooked me, it was the setting of where it was told, Outside in the dark with a circle of friends (Classic!) At that time I couldn't sleep properly. You see, I am spooked out of "Stereotypical hungry horror ghosts" but I am not afraid when facing the Demons of the mind (Dark aspects of the mind.) Ironic isn't it? As for if it is real or not, we cannot really conclude anything but assume anything. We do not have proof and whatever proof that is on the internet are usually not trustworthy. Perhaps it's an egregore? or a spirit? after all, we all had our share of "Spirit experiences" whether it be of nature spirits, Pure elementals, or left out "Personality" of the person who didn't make it to the "other side." Whether he is real I cannot tell. Usually subjects like these I wouldn't encourage, I know it would be curiosity but "Curiosity killed the cat." In my perspective, these topics only install fear and paranoia to certain individuals, things like this should be classified as "Social learning" or something to do for fun instead of taking it seriously. Doing such would not benefit the individual's psyche.
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Re: Is the slender man real?
Post # 8
The slenderman is a internet Meme made on

they based him on true stories so its quite possible, but other memes like nyan cat arnt real.
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Re: Is the slender man real?
Post # 9
One has to remember that not only do we have a home, but spirits like the elementals, demons, ghosts, angels, gods, goddesses and our thoughts have a home of their own. When we take a step outside of our homes it may look ordinary, but beyond the veil that may be a different story. I wouldn't imagine that gnomes and faeries live in my home; they have their home and I have mine. Who knows, if I had my eyes, I could just imagine what would lurk and come through my home, on a daily basis.

I am sure the blanket-man has his own dwelling.

I want to touch another topic. It is about how we put energy into our fears, by fear itself. Fear is a surrendering will. It engulfs itself and only becomes larger, and hope loses itself as time moves on.

When one fears something they give that thing energy, and if it is a malicious entity, then that entity only grows stronger. I think if someone fears something they may generally lack knowledge, or they dwell their thoughts in the wrong place. It may be anticipation. Stagnation generally sets in when one dwells on the past or the future too much, in my opinion. When one fears something they sort of make that thing their own god, in a way, because that thing then has a dominion over that individual. I guess if one puts there time and energy into his or her own purposes, then those things happen.

As a psi-vampire I can smell fear, when it wakes.

It is like a ghost that may reside in ones home, and if someone fears that ghost they are putting their energy in for that ghost. Then if that ghost is purposefully trying to scare the inhabitants it becomes stronger, eventually. Then the more an individual lets that ghost take their life force, being vampirized, that ghost might be able to turn into the Hulk.

Things like the blanket-man is probably lurking somewhere, as a spirit. The world isn't its own shell. I would think if a community had some sort of mass hysteria about a creature called the blanket-man, then there would be that energy for that spirit to dwell in, or something similar to that entity.

It is like if you show a psi-vampire one bit of fear they just might figure it out, and some how pull from it, whichever way that may be. You'll find yourself drained and a primary target. It is not that a psi-vampire makes his or her own way to put fear into people, but it is that we can sense it and see eye to eye with that individual. Just being able to sense the fear in a person can drain them of their energy. I think that might be the concept revealed.

It can also be like having a spirit guide, on a more positive note. The more you put your trust and respect into your guide(s), and the more you listen and watch for answers the more your guide manifests his or herself, in their teachings, as a guide. Whatever means of cummnication that may be. They become a person the more you treat them like one. It is sort of like or exactly like how a necromancer may have their own ancestral guide, which they created personal space for, in their home.

I've seen people anticipate about things they shouldn't have anticipated about, when everything was in the clear, but their fears got the best of them and their cry fear came to fruition. In a sense, fear ia really defeating yourself. That isI probably why you see these legendary athletes hardly ever speak. It is because they give no signal of emotion to nothing and nobody; they are their own gods and goddesses, in that respect.

I have a personal story where it was on the day of Halloween morning. Me and my siblings were playing in the upstairs living room, while I looked down at the downstairs landing, and I thought I saw my grandfather walking there. Where I am from the days are short in the winter. I did remember seeing the top of my grandfathers head. I screamed ghost, and me and all my siblings went running under a fortress made out of blankets and pillows. As I was just covering myself up, as we were all in terror, I saw what was my grandfather's hand come right at my face, coming towards. That scared me even more and the form of his composure was even more vivid than before. Then everything was gone and done and said with after that. Halloween, always reminds me of a meaning; the day the dead walk. I love it.

The blanket-man can be as real as one wishes to make it. Personally, I wouldn't want to get to know such an entity as a guide. Actually, I have a sort of a sick and twisted personality. Maybe I can get to know the blanket-man and go teach my pagan friends the meaning of salt and pepper. Lol!
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No Subject
Post # 10
I agree with everyone espeically about feeding energy into a thought form making it turn real. Most likely hes one of those childhood fears of the dark and tales by the parents to scare their kids into being safe. If you are afraid of boogeyman i reccomend a good protection spell just to ease ur mind.
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