Physic Abilities?

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Physic Abilities?
Post # 1
The other day, I started taking note in physic abilities. I believe that they exist. Sometimes we think of things right before they happen. Sometimes we just know things.
I did a physic test with my friend- hold up a card and try to figure out the color, red or black? The results were interesting. We both got above half and my friend actually had a strategy that worked with her.
I'd love for you to take your own tests and share your results. Any experiences? How good are you at it? Any certain way you harness it?
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Re: Physic Abilities?
Post # 2
Physic abilities? What's a physic ability? Physics as in science.?
Oh you mean PSYCHIC*** abilities. Well lets start off with EVERYONE has a level of psychic ability. Not everyone is gonna be a professional clairvoyant. Some clairvoyant ability to a degree? Yes. Not everyone is gonna be amazing at each gift, too. If you truly want this, set your intention to the universe (God, the "Creator) and let the energy flow.

Ways to develop? Practise, discipline, learning, educating yourself, intention. You may look into developing your chakras, specifically your third eye chakras. Your chakras are energy centers in your body. There are 7 main ones, the Third eye chakra, is located on the center of the forehead.
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Re: Physic Abilities?
Post # 3
You can also make Zener cards, my friend and I did that and she got about 90% right. She is very psychic, from dreams to just saying "I bet..." or "what if..." something happens, and it does a second later. I could give more examples but it would take too long. So I believe too even though I'm not as good at it. I do sometimes know something that has happened without being told or make a correct prediction, but it's based more on people's actions, words and emotions and what I know of human behavior and psychology.
Anyway, here's a link for more on Zener cards cause I know not everyone is familiar with them
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Re: Physic Abilities?
Post # 4
Psychic abilities do exist, everyone has a different meaning or understanding but everyone has some level of Psychic abilities whether you are a beginner or an expert!
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