Hi, new to Wicca.

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Forums -> Welcome -> Hi, new to Wicca.

Hi, new to Wicca.
Post # 1
Hi, I just joined this. I've always been interested in Wicca, so I decided that i would explore it some. It would be cool if someone could help me along the way of becoming a Wiccan.
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Re: Hi, new to Wicca.
Post # 2
Hello, and welcome to spells of magic! I hope you like it here in the forums. There are many well typed posts that can help you with your questions.

Here are some suggestions:
First, learn Wicca. Learn about what us Wiccans like. One thing we do is celebrate the Sabbats. Mabon is coming up, which is the Autumn Equinox. There is something called the Wheel of the Year, which you should look up on here.

When you get into Magick and spellcasting, learn about the tools and things you need. For example:

A Book of Shadows. This is the Witch's journal. You write about the spells you cast and if they worked or not.

A Grimore. This is where you put your spells. They can be spells online or from any book about spells you may possess. You may put your potions (brews) in there as well.

Athame/Wand. You may have both. These are tools to aid in spellcasting and Casting a Circle.

Your Altar. This is important. You can make your altar with anything you want on it plus the things that symbolize the elements. You can have a cup of salt for Earth (I believe), A Chalice for Water, Incense for Air, and A Candle for Fire. You should put a Pentacle on there as well (any. It can be paper too.) Your Athame and/or Wand should be there too.

You should do some research as well to aid in your journey as a new Wiccan.

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Re: Hi, new to Wicca.
Post # 3
I'm new also!
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Re: Hi, new to Wicca.
Post # 4
Hello. Could you help me be a Wiccan? I'm VERY new to this. Can I purchase a wand here???
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Re: Hi, new to Wicca.
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Hi I'm new too.I've been reading,studying, researching and investigating for years.What interests you about Wicca?
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