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Introduce Yourself
Post # 1
Hey I have been practising wicca now for about a week or so ... and I've made...
A storm
A pencil float
and even cursed and hexed even binded people i think I'm heading for something...
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Re: Introduce Yourself
Post # 2
Hey, mail me. I will tell you some awesome secrets.
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Re: Introduce Yourself
Post # 3
How did you make a pencil float?
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Re: Introduce Yourself
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
dude! u made a pencil float?? thats awesome! how did u do it?
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Re: Introduce Yourself
Post # 5
From my point of view as a Wiccan when one studies curses, hex's, and binding along with other harmful magic, then it is not a type of Wicca and should be considered a type of paganism, since Wiccans aren't usually the ones to make such attempts at harming others and interfering with others free will and I believe that I read some where that no matter how true such a feat of defying gravity with your mind or spell it should not be posted and just kept to your self but I'm not entirely sure on that and I know everyone has their own view of Wicca and all should be acknowledged but not all should be accepted but we all have our own opinions so I stated mineand your opinion obviously differs from mine and could cause a long argument but thats not what I'm here to do I'm actually here to help you prevent your own destruction since what you send out comes back times 3 and also curse, hex, and bind your self in the process of casting the spell which would cause a self-destructive path that would surely end in chaotic destruction of yourself not like the obvious destruction but destruction like losing friends family and other things in life that would surely lead to an unacomplished life that would be in all ways a terrible life to live so if I where you I would reconsider what I cast and what my views of Wicca are and continue to read books about it since no one is an expert and no one can truely have a complete understanding it since the majority of it was lost when the witch hunts came around and almost all of it was burned along with their witch masters
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