The basics?

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The basics?
Post # 1
I see that many people say that everyone should study and know the basics of magic before they try performing a spell. Well i would like to know what the basics of magic are ..?
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Re: The basics?
Post # 2
Search the forum, the articles and the internet. They are available to everyone and easy to find.
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Re: The basics?
Post # 3
This question is asked quite often. But the answer is so easy to find, that most will tell where to look rather than teach it to you. You know how to look things up. You know how to read. So just do it. Its like school; you have to start at the beginning. The basics is the beginning in your learning of magick. You need to know how and why it works. You need to know what to do before before doing it. Its work, sorry, but it is work. If you want to learn, do as instructed. Then come back with your questions. It will be a much more satisfying journey, I promise. I'm hoping to hear of your progress. Blessed Be...
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Re: The basics?
Post # 4

This is what i put in another thread that was asking about the the basics as well.

Well i wouldnt just start casting spells right away you need to know exactly what you are doing and what magic is and where it came from, how it works etc. It takes time to learn these things. Especially if you are serious about learning magic. There a lot of different practices that is out there. Find what interest you the most. The main you need to focus on is your basics of magic.

The basics of magic is different for everyone. But i can list you some of the basics of magic that i usually take on. They include:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Grounding/Centering
  • Tools
  • Days of the Week
  • Moon Phases
  • Circle Casting
  • Energy Flow & Control ( Learn to work with your energy and other types of energies)
  • Herbalism (Its not required but its best to learn a little about your basics for herbalism, becaues you use it in just about anything and everything if you decide too)

Start practicing with meditaiton and relaxtion excersizes daily, mainly you could up 15 to 30 minutes of meditating but how ever long you feel you need to. Meditaion helps you focus and helps clear and calm your mind and relax your body. This is really needed especially for when castings spells and or rituals. Then would move on and learn the rest of your basics. Energy manipulation and energy works is another way to learn about spell power and will, because without our energy, spells would not work.

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