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is it ok to!
Post # 1
Is it ok to talk about a spell to someone thats having the same problem so they can do the spell for themselves.
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Re: is it ok to!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I don't see why not. A lot of people discuss different spells on here. However, if it is to do with cursing or harming anyone or revenge then I advise you not to. Most people believe that if you do something such as cursing someone it will come back to you (karma and the three-fold law).

Also if the problem is serious or if you or the other person is in danger it would be better to get some professional help instead of using magic.

But if it has nothing to do with the above things then I see no problem. It may help us answer your question if you give us more information though, but it is understandable if you'd rather keep it private.
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Re: is it ok to!
Post # 3
Do no harm. Other than that, this site is spellsofmagic. We are here to discuss just this kind of thing. Other things are discussed too, but this was created for the purpose of spells and sharing spells and experiences. So by all means, share. Just remember that fake ones are not tolerable, even though there are a lot of fake on here. That is currently being worked on. Blessed Be...
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Re: is it ok to!
Post # 4
I got a spell to remove a hex and my friend said shes having the same problem with what her inlaws did to her i did the spell and i felt released so i gave the spell to her. The reason i asked was i read a couple of spells that said u can't tell anyone you did it or it won't work. I did a spell to make the badluck to go back to them if they were to do me harm that's not the same as a hex is it
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Re: is it ok to!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
the only time i have heard you shouldn't tell someone about a spell is if you cast a love spell over them. some have it so it will backfire big time if they were to find out. if you're just talking with a friend like 'hey this spell worked for me, maybe it'll help you.' then there's nothing wrong with it.
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Re: is it ok to!
Post # 6
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