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spells that work
Post # 1
so far the things i've tried, only two has worked! i don't want to waist my time working on things that wont work.
here are the things i'm interested on doing/practice:
-contact someone i don't know where they are, or get them to call me.
-talking to trees, animals.
-read minds
-i want to be able to have visions, or look in a mirrow or something to know where someone is, if possibly probz not.
-mythical creatures
scincerly, brandi
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Re: spells that work
Post # 2
Which things have worked?
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Re: spells that work
Post # 3
to see who my past life looked like, i had to star into a mirrow into my eyes, with a white candle in front lights off. and i said the chant and i saw it working but i couldn't consintrate enough, it works but i need to practice, and i'm working on this dragon egg thing in the top rated
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Re: spells that work
Post # 4
i know that you wantto be able to do stuff like flynig but i think they would workk if been powered by th right energy.
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Re: spells that work
Post # 5
For gettig someone to call you, theres phone spells listed under the spells tab. It might be under love spells or life spells, I can't remember.
Visions, communication with animals and trees, reading minds are things you will have to learn through study and practice.
Levitation and such is an illusion, you'll need a stage magician to teach you.
Mythical creatures are mythical, not real, so what would you do with them?
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Re: spells that work
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
First of all you should know that spells that go against the laws of physics will not work.

I am not sure what you mean by mythical creatures, but if you mean turning into one then you can't, we are not able to change our physical self.

I believe going against the laws of physics would also include flying and reading minds (although some people's opinions may differ).

I am not sure about the other things you have mentioned but keep practising and experimenting, especially if you are enjoying it because that is important.

I don't like to tell people when certain things wont work, but you did say you didn't want to waste your time. I hope this helped you a little bit.

I am sure there are articles about most of these things, you should read as much on your chosen subjects as you can.

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Re: spells that work
Post # 7
Spells to change your physical appearance or turn into things are derfinately fake. Goes against law of nature.
Now reading minds, how much do you want to know or do? I can think of a person, and most times they call. Maybe making an effort to concentrate on that person will cause that person to contact you. Trees, plants; loving and talking to them, hey that is part of us. We love and respect nature.
Scrying by mirror I haven't tried yet, so no help there. But there are people on here who have been successful. You can post for them to contact you.
Just keep in mind to use common sense when doing or reading spells. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is false. Have fun with the rest. Blessed Be...
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Re: spells that work
Post # 8
Hi, new here, and just wanted to say... it annoys me when you say something goes against the laws of "nature" or the laws of "physics". You guys talk about existing on a completely separate plane (astral plane) or influencing opinions and energies in these bizarre ways, and I was just wondering: Where do you draw the line between real and fake? I mean come on. The idea of floating may be pretty ridiculous, but so is the idea of manipulating the energies of another plane of existence to make somebody love you more. You say "you cannot change your physical self", or you 'cannot break the laws of things' lemme tell ya something, laws were made to be broken. Anything is possible. Physics? Thats all theories. In fact, practically 90% of math is based off of a 360 degree circle. Guess what? A circle isn't 360 degrees. The basis of 360 came from how many days in a year in a year and was based on that other things traveled around earth in a circle. Its an ellipsis. Not only that, but its roughly 365.5 days. So potentially, half of math could be crap. We don't know. What you consider the laws of reality are so stretched and so half made up that at this point ANYTHING is possible. That's why I believe any of this crap exists, because who knows, really? There's so much we don't know about life, you really cant go saying "This doesn't exist" or "This isn't possible". Just wanted to get that out there.
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Re: spells that work
Post # 9
thats exactly how i feel
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Re: spells that work
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

Saying "anything is possible" is a little naive. To understand this world, the one we live in, you have to understand the laws, theories, and limits that this world has- which are very real, proven through fact, experimentation, etc. No, laws are not meant to be broken. Pick up an apple. Drop it. Did it fall? That's called gravity. You can't will yourself to break gravity.

The word possible is defined as: Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances. Things such as changing your physical appearance through magick, etc, obviously conflicts with proven laws, solid facts, tested theories, and thus is not possible, by definition of the word.

Sure, there's a lot I'm sure we have left to learn about the world. There's a vast amount of knowledge out there left to be had. But you can't argue that because we haven't discovered something to change current fact makes something possible. It doesn't. So I have no qualms about saying something is impossible when it conflicts with the facts.

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