Spells will work.

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Spells will work.
Post # 1 my opinion spells in this website will work..
If all these spells wont work why waste their time in posting
spells on this website..
there must be a true explanations why members in this website created spells and posted them.
Maybe the spells will work or maybe not.
All i know is,if you won't believe on the spell that you are casting
there's a tendency that it won't work.
if you do magic you must believe that it will work.
People who are member in these website believes in magic..
If you will make your own spells or casting all these spells that our found in this website,
You don't need a scientific explanation if this spell will/will not work..just believe.
What's the point in casting spells if you don't even belive.
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Re: Spells will work.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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Re: Spells will work.
Post # 3

I feel that there are many spells that do work, and a lot of them that are fake and posted by people mocking practitioners and getting a laugh out of it.

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Re: Spells will work.
Post # 4
@hystericsoul, I'm sure people do post fluffy spells for that reason, but I think there's probably a lot of other reasons too. Obviously some people do believe in the impossible, maybe they're posting before they try the spell, maybe they use the spell to transform on the astral plane. I'm not really trying to defend fluffies, I just can't imagine everyone who has posted fluff did it for the same reason.
@princessnice, I appreciate your positive attitude, but the fact is there's some things that just can't be done with magic. It does some pretty amazing things, but it can't break the laws of nature.
All that said, there's plenty of good, working spells here. Yes there's plenty of fluff too. The only way to improve the situation is to post working spells and educate those who might post fluff.
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Re: Spells will work.
Post # 5
Of all the books I use to read and witches I have met, spell casting is about believing. A spell is like a prayer, only its in action not always all words. U are praying to gods n goddesses. The energy used in certain objects is to attract or influence the the higher power whom we seek for our needs. I was at one point being taught how to create my own spells, then afterward writting down the process down in my personal book of shadows. If it did not work I would try it again. If it still did not work I would tweek it. If still no result I would write my findings on the page of the spell. If it worked, I would put a symbol of a sun beside it, as my real name is sunshine.
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