Magick False or True?!

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Forums -> General Info -> Magick False or True?!

Magick False or True?!
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Even when I first walked into the occult, I always hear the question if magick is real. I even ask myself that a few times back then. Always demanding the answer in such a short length of time. For those, they will nearly always find no for their answer. But for others, like myself, who give it time and learn what you can will get a yes.

Let's make this more relatable, you walk into your highschool classroom. This is Algbra. The first thought that pops into your head is when you would ever use math again. With the answer "no" you go off not really learning anything of it. At the end of the school year you have still yet to understand what Algbra is about and how it can be useful at times.

Same thing with magick, since most of you questioniers want proof to disprove magick you will never take the time to understand it. Instead of taking the basics you go ahead and try out a spell. After two seconds of poorly casting it you come up with your answer, No.

Yes to that very moment magick isn't real to the person, but to others that have taken the time to study it know that magick is more than casting spells. In the Christian religion they believe in God and Jesus as their super beings. They believe in it because the proof is in the bible. And not just the bible, they have prayed and God has even answered their prays from time to time. Or something that would have killed them didn't they gave that point to God or Jesus. Do you see the connection here? It all depends if you believe in it.

Here is another helpful tip. Nothing is ever 100% right or 100% false. Everything has some truth in it but also has some false factors as well. For example, you are most likely sitting in a chair. Well you are sitting but you are not really sitting all the way. You are making contact with the chair but the air is also breaking some of that contact.

P.s. Only typed this out of boredom.

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Re: Magick False or True?!
Post # 2

Thank you for this post. I once question the existence of magick, and after finding the communitites and such, I have found it existed, but not in the way everyone thinks when the word "magic(k)" pops up. People usually think of magic as a sparkly particle that comes from people's wands. People are clouded by hollywood and such.

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Re: Magick False or True?!
Post # 3
I see a lot of people here who don't know because they haven't taken the time to study. They want a quick solution to their problem but don't understand that it doesn't work that way. To elaborate on your algebra metaphor, they want the answer without learning the formula. It doesn't work.
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Re: Magick False or True?!
Post # 4

That was a very nice way to put it, people alway come to this site before studyimng magick.

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Re: Magick False or True?!
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Hello Nash,
You are so right what you posted.
Im an old witch im 64, since I can remember that question has allways been asked, you explain it well.
In High Shooll (back then) it was a subject that you had to take,
and you want to know something i have never use it.
By the way i failed Algebra.

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