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Fluffy Spells
Post # 1

Many people commonly ask in the chatter "What spells work?" or "Can I turn into a Vampire, mermaid, werwolf, etc.?" And we give the same answer "Not very many spells on this site work" and "No." So hopefully I can shed some light on those who are curious.

The spells that DO NOT work:

Now, the spells that usually dont work have poor grammar, and require rediculous and stupid things. Also spells like Dragon Eggs, Mermaid, Vampire, and Werewolf do not work either. So if you've come to turn into a mythical being, turn the other way. Levitation, Flying, and mind control spells do not also work. Any spell that defies the laws of physics and such won't work. You cannot change your DNA or any bodily function, process or appearance with magick. It does not work that way.

The spells that DO work:

It's very hard to tell what spells work on this site, and is often a struggle to find one. Keep a look out for things like proper grammar and not rediculous impossible outcomes. I also recommend you write your own spells, they're way more likely to work than a spell you've found online. Before you do a spell that you think works, check whoever made the spell's profile. Look on their history to see what they've contributed and the responses. If their postings seem knowledgable, give the spell a try.

My Thoughts:

In conclusion, I wouldn't trust half or even more than half of the spells on this site. Unless I know who the contributor is and have seen their posts. So I'd go with writing your own spells before anything else.

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 2
So u dont belive in levitation or mind control? Just b/c you dont belive in it doesnt meen its not real.
I personally have expeirenced both.

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 3

I've never seen it happen, and no scientific proof has been released. I'm not here to argue, but we all have our opinions.

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 4
Magick cannot defy the laws of Physics. Levitation is against physics, so it cannot be done.

Mind Control? Well that's debatable, how ever I would think influence would be the right term.

To influence greatly. However it's debatable. However personally I do not believe Mind Control can be done.

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 5

I believe in the influence you are talking about, but in no way mind control.

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 6
seems like you need a little faith^_^

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 7

I have faith, but not in things that are scientifically incorrect and are not proven.

Re: Fluffy Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Hello HystericSoul,

About what you wrote, especially the part (propper grammar)are you telling us if is not in proper grammar the spell is not going to work?? have you ever read a real Book of Shadows written by real witches that goes back in the time of the Witches of Salem?? I have and believe me you would go crazy trying to figure out some words because they did not know how to spell.
I have a Book of Shadows handed down from my ancestors over 300 years old and the same here.

You have to remember in those days more than half of the population did not know how to read or write.
Im a 64 year old Egyptian witch by birth

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 9

The true meaning of the improper grammar is like text speak. But thank you for the information.

Re: Fluffy Spells
Post # 10

And no, I never said it wouldn't work, but it most likely wouldn't work.

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