Pleasure Through Relaxing

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Pleasure Through Relaxing
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*Disclaimer: This thread may have sexual aspects, viewer discretion is advised*

This thread is to discuss the nature of, experiences, and practical use of the feeling.


For about 6-7 years I've noticed I've been able to relax my body to produce a very pleasurable yet odd feeling. The feeling maybe compared to: leg's falling asleep (that tingly, ticklely feeling when you try to walk), initial drop on a roller coaster, or an orgasm. The feeling for me is much stronger in the legs or groin area, but I can produce it in my arms, head, and back. For someone not used to the feeling, one may not be able to handle the pleasure in the legs or groin (causing you to tense your muscles, halting the experience). However I don't know how strong it is in different people. My brother can do it too (to a limited degree), but I think the feeling is a little weaker for him. Once you get used to the feeling, it will become second nature, and you'll be able to hold on to it indefinitely.

I've also used a similar process of producing the effect to rise my kundalini.

How to:

First: Get as comfortable as you can. Try to take a position where you can completely relax. Lying down on your bed. Sitting in your favourite comfy chair. (Note that this step is only necessary to produce the COMPLETE feeling in the legs and groin).

Second: This is a tough concept... but you must relax (body and mind). Notice your breath, breathe in and out deeply for a few times. See the universe as an ocean, and feel a wave relaxation and pleasure flow through you and your body. Easing your mind and body.

You might not even need to do steps 1-2. Once you produce the feeling a few times, I doubt you will need to.

Third: Pick your legs or your arms, relax them completely. Lose all tension. Let them float. Surrender them to the ocean.

Note: It may or may not take practice. You have to fiddle with it. Once you get some experience, you'll be able to do the whole body, it feels good. :)

Do you have any experience with feeling?

Do you think it's Kundalini/Sexual Energy?

Do you think it could be used in magick? If so, how?
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